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Most Useless Building In Belfast

The most useless building in Belfast…and I include the Ulster-Scots Agency “The Big Hoos for Dafties”

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Ulster-Scots: You Couldnt Make It Up

Ulster Scots….You cant make it up. Well actually I think they DID make it up. Some photographs from the Ulster-Scots Agency. Remember this is a LANGUAGE. It beggars belief how much money has been squandered on this nonsense.

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Laird …Story? What Story?

So the two minute BBC Norn Iron TV News bulletin at 7.58am did not mention Laird Laird. ┬áIt is item #3 on the local BBC News teletext service. Yet at 8am the story (with that of fellow peers Cunningham and … Continue reading

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BBC Ulster Scots (sic) Word Of The Day

I was inspired by a thread on Slugger O’Toole to look up the Ulster-Scots (please dont snigger) word for “scoundrel”. I did not have far to look because it is actually the Word of the Day on the BBC Ulster … Continue reading

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I Pity The (April) Fool

I don’t actually remember the classic BBC Panorama “April Fool” prank where Richard Dimbleby reported on the Italian spaghetti harvest. I have of course see footage of it. I do recallBBC Nationwides Luke reply reporting on the Oirish builders who … Continue reading

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Alternative USA And Ireland

An excellent thread on Slugger-O’Toole about American-British-Irish Diplomacy. Certainly cerebral, it is also a bit elitist…attending conferences with the great and the good like Peter Jay and Sean Donlon is a timely reminder that there are some Sluggerites who simply … Continue reading

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I Should Not Mock Slugger O’Toole

My Auntie Sheila was right. If you mock something ….it happens to you. “Mocking is catching”. So I have kinda been skeptical about Stratagem O’Toole’s Digital Lunch. You’d never get me doing that. Cept that around 2am, I was on … Continue reading

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Embracing My Inner Ulster-Scot

A poem ………almost by Robert Burns. Ulster Scots wha’ hae ideas long dead. Ulster Scots wha’ hae McCausland led. Welcome tae yer Poll defed Or tae victorie.   Eich Bin Ein Ulster-Scot!!

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Ooops They Did It Again

Over on his own Blog the peerless Mr BangorDub draws attention to the Orange Orders demand that “Ulster Scots” have a vote in any Referendum on Scottish Independence. http://bangordub.wordpress.com/2012/09/25/lets-all-vote-together/ Aside from the nightmare of actually working out who is real … Continue reading

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Robert Burns …..Jacobite to Jacobin

It is somewhat ironic that in their search to find a culture……Unionists discovered the Ulster-Scots Culture and decided to honour Robert “Rabbie” Burns……..Burns Night being 25th January……..it seems almost churlish to point out that Robert Burns was born in 1759……..just … Continue reading

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