Laird …Story? What Story?

So the two minute BBC Norn Iron TV News bulletin at 7.58am did not mention Laird Laird.  It is item #3 on the local BBC News teletext service.

Yet at 8am the story (with that of fellow peers Cunningham and McKenzie) is the main story on the BBC ” National” TV News.

How did that happen? I have long said that there is a narrative that local media cravenly support…unremitting good news. Titanic, MTV Awards, City of Culture and Rory McIlroy. And maybe the local editors looked at the story of the UUP peer connected to the Ulster-Scots Agency and the local PR industry (Laird is generally believed to have started Norn Irons first PR company in the 1970s) looked like potentially bad news.

Thats what Norn Iron is all about. Politics, PR and Lobbying.

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4 Responses to Laird …Story? What Story?

  1. factual says:

    Perhaps because it’s covered in the national bulletin it would be repetitive (and therefore wasteful of time) to cover it again in the local bulletin.

    For newspapers in Ireland the Irish Times for example if it is important to be covered in the main pages then the same story does not have to appear in the “from the regions” section of the paper.

    • Not the same thing at all. The so called journalists at the local Beeb value their regional autonomy and editorial freedom. They are usually all too happy to play up any regional aspect to the main news.
      If Rory McIlroy won a major Golf tournament, it would be a poor excuse for an editor in Ormeau Avenue to say that they dont need to cover it because its a national story.
      Likewise if a British Army soldier from Portadown was killed in Afghanistan, it would be covered “nationally” and “regionally”.

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