About FitzjamesHorse

My name is John Mooney. I am a Husband, Father and Grandfather. Now that I am retired, those three things are all I need to be.

I dont take the Blogosphere seriously. It may or may not be cutting edge Technology which will revolutionise Political Discourse. I prefer to think of it as having the same meaningful impact as……the hula hoop.

Besides there is no need for me to take Blogging seriously. There are plenty of other Bloggers who are filled with self-importance.

I am a democrat, socialist, republican and nationalist. I was a member of SDLP from 1973 to 1981. And from 2011. I am a bit slow about paying my 2016 subscription.

Although I voted Sinn Fein from 1993 to 2009, I regard myself as “gene pool SDLP”.
I despise Letsgetalongerism. And the cosy overclass of wasters in civic society who believe they are entitled to run Norn Iron.


26 Responses to About FitzjamesHorse

  1. Harry says:

    You mention “others” full of self importance? Starting with yourself I can only assume!

    • Well Harry……..youre only half right (and I am being generous).
      The Keeping An Eye on the Czar of Russia is actually a reference to the egotism of the editor of the Skibbereen Eagle, who warned the Czar that he was keeping an eye on him.
      Bloggers…….and I include my good self….. are the modern day equivilant.
      We are totally without influence and like to think that tapping away with two fingers on a keyboard bestows some kinda gravitas.
      I am NOT the Huffington Post.
      That is not of course the case with my so called rivals in the rarified “hub” of Norn Iron Internet blogging.
      I at least have the sense to know that its all nonsense.

  2. Charlie Sheen says:

    Hi Fitz,

    could you kindly drop me a line at the email address received?


  3. factual says:

    You forgot to add that you are a SDLP member and supporter.

  4. ZenaWolf says:

    Glad to have causally bumped into your blog. Like many Irishmen left the country at a young age and enden up in Italy 1980 and still here.
    Followed the old Irish custom of my many countrymen being too fond of the spirits (not the holy ones).
    Gave up and now refreshing the brain cells.
    Good luck on your MBA

  5. PJ says:

    “I despise Letsgetalongerism”
    I stumbled on your blog, very enjoyable and well written. But I’m baffled by what you mean in your quote above. Care to elucidate?

  6. No John, it’s not the politics that we Letsgetalongerists seek to take out of politics, it’s outdated naked and craven sectarianism we want rid of. We want real politics in, working together to properly prioritise spending on health, education, skills, development Etc.; saving wasted money by dismantling the existing apartheid, “separate but equal”, policies choking our future. Segregation gave us a horrid past; let’s get along and make it history.

  7. Dammit I cant delete it.

  8. David - Alliance Party Member says:

    Do you welcome Alliance party members to your blog?

    • No.
      Alliance Party are not democrats so obviously their views are not welcome.
      There are plenty of other places ….Slugger O’Toole, BBC NI, UTV and of course countless quangos where Alliance Party views are over-represented. Perhaps you should try there.

      • David - Alliance Party Member says:

        Thanks for letting me know.

      • David - Alliance Party Member says:

        I could understand you banning posters from unionist parties, but Alliance is nonsectarian so I don’t understand this.

      • Primarily this Blog will be of interest to republicans, socialists and nationalists. But I do have unionist readers and Feedback suggests it isrespected. I have even have some contributors.
        There is nothing sectarian about unionism. Some unionists are. Some are not.
        Some nationalists are sectarian. Some are not.
        And I resent your assertion that the Alliance Party is non-sectarian and therefore somehow better than the unionist parties.
        The Alliance Party got 52,000 votes in 2011 and eight MLAs but managed to get two Executive seats thanks to a gerrymandered arrangement with DUP and Sinn Féin.
        Do not try and tell me about the wonderful Alliance Party and their saintly members hanging around waiting on a Quango position.
        I hold the Alliance Party in total and absolute contempt.
        This is the last comment from you that I will ever publish. Alliance views are NOT welcome so tell your friends.
        But say hello if you see me at the Alliance Conference. I go to most of them.

  9. David - Alliance Party Member says:

    You accept that some unionists are sectarian, but would you accept that Alliance are nonsectarian?

    • Can you just go away?

      • David - Alliance Party Member says:

        I assume you accept Alliance are nonsectarian from that answer.

      • Actually Alliance are the most sectarian Party of all. They benefit more from sectarianism than any other.
        Poodles of DUP-SF.
        Benefitting thru Quango appointments.
        FInanced by Rowntree…£97,000 over a few years.
        NIO favourites…..
        A disgusting political Party. Pompous self righteous.
        The only one I like is Chris Lyttle.
        Can you please go away.

  10. Sam says:

    Why did you not vote for the SDLP from 1993 to 2009? Did the SDLP disappoint you?

    • No. It was nothing to do with SDLP in itself. It was personal …a legal issue.
      And it cost my wife money.
      I felt betrayed rather than disappointed.
      My wife never stopped voting SDLP.

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