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I blame The Big Bang Theory. For some peculiar reason the word “paradigm” is popping up all over the place. And it made its first appearance on this Blog today. I urge punters NOT to use it. I hate it. … Continue reading

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Meath East

Yesterday’s by-election. Fine Gael held on to the seat. Low turn out which causes the political overclass “too posh to voteTompkins think that None of the Above or Apathy won. Alas it was Fine Gael…the Blueshirts. You couldn’t love them … Continue reading

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Is That George Lee On “Prime Time”.

Ah George Lee…don’t ya just love him? For ages he was the RTE Economics Editor. And suddenly he decided he wanted to be a politician…for Fine Gael. At the Dublin by-election caused by the death of Seamus Brennan, in June … Continue reading

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Sins Of The Neices

Breaking News on Sky …the father of two former England footballing brothers has been arrested by police investigating an indecent assault. There are no charges. I dare say that it is a sad fact that many people are arrested over … Continue reading

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“When A New Band Of Journalistic Brothers…”

I am sure you are all as upset as I am that the Press Lodge No 432…in the world of Irish Freemasonry ….closed shop nearly two years ago and held its final meeting in May 2011….ending their supper with the … Continue reading

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Unionist Outreach RIP

When a LetsGetAlongerist discussion board /weblog spends most of its time in a futile search for nationalist unicorns, it can hardly be surprising that it is enthusiastic  about Mike Nesbitt and Peter Robinson reaching out to pro-union Catholics. Alas Unionist … Continue reading

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Break In Transmission

Apologies for the break in service. Normal Service should be restored in a couple of days.

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Bangor Dub & FitzjamesHorse: Exclusive Pics

Unmasked: Legendary Bloggers, BangorDub and FitzjamesHorse at SDLP Youth Quiz Fundraiser.

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SDLP Youth Quiz: A Moral Victory

SDLP Youth Quiz. South Belfast last night. I am happy to report that a team of international bloggers (a new American friend, Mr BangorDub and my good self) finished second. Unhappily I must report that nobody on our team knew … Continue reading

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Angela Merkel Ate My Hamster

Back in the 1970s I voted NO in the Referendum on the Common Market as it was called then. The rhetoric at the time was that the Common Market was a “rich mans club”. I have seen nothing in the … Continue reading

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