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The Yanks Are Coming

Interesting to see Congressman Brendan Boyle from Philadelphia on Channel 4 News. He was concerned about the effects of Brexit on the Good Friday Agreement.   He is one of the rising stars in the Democratic Party. His brother is … Continue reading

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Nationalist Re-Alignment 1968-73 (and 2019)

As splits and mergers (aka Nationalist Re-Alignment) is all fashion in 2019, I thought I would reach back into the memory bank and point out that this has happened before…crucially at the 1969 “Crossroads Election”…which reached some kinda conclusion (for … Continue reading

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Fitzjames Horse Rides Again!

I may be a cynical battle-scarred old veteran but sometimes it seems right to take up the fight again. I honestly dont know whats going on with SDLP. But I feel angry.

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