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Gettysburg 1863-2013

So one hundred and fifty years ago, the Union and Confederate Armies lined up agianst each other in the battle that would effectively decide the American Civil War/War Between the States/The War of Northern Aggression (delete as applicable…I have friends … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts From SDLP Economic Forum

Just a colection of thoughts. NAMA, Youth Unemployment, Public Sector jobs and pay, Taxation, the Peace Dividend, Foreign Investment are all big issues (Stephen Kingon). Only the Ulster Bank will benefit from money from Bank of England to ease lending.The … Continue reading

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“Be Relentlessly Positive”: Alex Attwood

Alex Attwood delivered the keynote address at the Economic Forum. Ironically as some of the “Planning” powers of his Department of the Environment have been taken from him by Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness. The theme of his speech was … Continue reading

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The Common People And The Comma People

My compliments to “Alan in Belfast” the token nice guy on Slugger O’Toole, who has used the phrase “letsgetalongerists” twice in the past three days. Having introduced you all to LetsGetAlongerists…let me introduce you to THE COMMA PEOPLE. We are … Continue reading

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SDLP Economic Forum

The photograph shows Alasdair McDonnell winding up the Forum. Fearghal McKinney made a short introduction Alasdair made a short low key speech Alex Attwood made probably the best speech I have heard him make. And three sessions of panel discussions: … Continue reading

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SDLP And Its History

In his welcome to SDLP members and guests to an Economic Forum yesterday, the first words Vice-Chair Fearghal McKinney said was a tribute to Paddy Wilson, the founder member murdered forty years ago this week. History is a continuum…not just … Continue reading

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Politics And Porn

If you think that tweeting,and face-booking about Current Events with like-minded people is being POLITICALLY ACTIVE ask yourself a question. Is using the internet to visit a porn site being SEXUALLY ACTIVE?

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So Farewell Then Andy Pollak

Andy Pollak has left his job at the Cross-Border Thing That Does Stuff (C-BTTDS) a leading letsgetalongerist thing, much loved on Slugger O’Toole. In his farewell address to the nation(s) published on Slugger, he expresss the view that he and … Continue reading

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Paddy Wilson…Forty Years Ago Tonight

On the night of 25th June 1973, one of the eight people who founded the SDLP was murdered. He was murdered with a friend in North Belfast. They died in horrific circumstances, too gruesome to recount here. Paddy Wilson visited … Continue reading

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Most Useless Building In Belfast

The most useless building in Belfast…and I include the Ulster-Scots Agency “The Big Hoos for Dafties”

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