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Politicians And The Theatre

Vice-President Mike Pence is a brave man. He is after all in the “Party  of Abraham Lincoln” and we all know what happened to Honest Abe on his last visit to the Theatre. Pence should have known it would not … Continue reading

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Ambassador Shaun Hannity?

Here is a thought. When President Trump announces his ambassadorial appointments, could Shaun Hannity from Fux News be appointed to….Ireland? Or Bill O’Reilly?  

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President Trump

DRAFTED Wednesday 9th November When I went to bed at 6am…at the point where it was certain that Donald Trump would be elected. Six hours later…and early reaction appears to be a bad idea. Looking at the reaction of people … Continue reading

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USA Presidential Election…Kaine Or Pence?

Make no mistake about it. The real winners in this USA Presidential Election will be (at least) one of the candidates for Vice President. The real loser will be Hillary Clinton. And frankly Donald Trump never wanted to be President … Continue reading

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Fáilte Bangor Sinn Féin

One of the most interesting and welcome developments over the past few weeks has been the formation of a Sinn Féin cumann (branch) in Bangor, County Down. Frankly SDLP have under-performed in North Down and while the selection of a … Continue reading

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