Ambassador Shaun Hannity?

Here is a thought.

When President Trump announces his ambassadorial appointments, could Shaun Hannity from Fux News be appointed to….Ireland?

Or Bill O’Reilly?


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6 Responses to Ambassador Shaun Hannity?

    • Personally I cant see it.
      Hannity would not want to be out of the spotlight.
      But more importantly choosing an Ambassador would always be a matter of conversation between the State Department and the DEpartment of Foreign Affairs and I dont think he could be nominated without the approval of the host country.

  1. hoboroad says:

    I don’t think Sean or Bill would be willing to take the massive cut in their pay packet in order to become Ambassador to Ireland. All Bill is interested in is money not looking out for the folks. Maybe Ann Coulter?

    • True.
      But both crave “respectability”.
      As indeed does Coulter.
      Maybe we will just get a career diplomat.
      But I think I read somewhere that the new President makes around 4,000 appoitments and that will mostly be delegated.
      A lot of vetting to be done and even a few Senate hearings. But theres bound to be payback. And bound to be some high profile controversies.
      Gingrich, Guiliani, Conway, Ben Carson…..Defence, State Department, UN Ambassador, Press Secretary.
      Bound to be a return of some old Bush people, and all those surrogates who were in the TV studios.

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