Gettysburg 1863-2013

So one hundred and fifty years ago, the Union and Confederate Armies lined up agianst each other in the battle that would effectively decide the American Civil War/War Between the States/The War of Northern Aggression (delete as applicable…I have friends on both sides).

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  1. bangordub says:

    Is it true that the “Stars and Bars” still flies widely in the South? Just curious

    • Yep.
      Its usually the Confederate Battle Flag.
      Apart from the Alamo and the Crockett Hotel, in the Alamo Plaza, I dont think I saw one in Texas.
      The context at the Alamo was it was one of the Flags which has flown over Texas.
      The part of Texas I was in was actually pro Union in the War.
      And under martial law by Confederacy for a while.

  2. Political Tourist says:

    Taking the numbers that fled Ireland for North American or British cities during and after the Great Hunger, it’s a certainty that most Irish families have a connection to this war.
    Both sides would/did have representatives in all the major ports looking to buy or build ships and everything else that entails including crews to man them.

    • Yes my family does.
      Nobody knew what happened to a brother of my great grandfather.
      And a few years back, with a lot of help, discovered he had been killed.

      Its sheer Gangs of New York territory. Check out New York Draft Riots where the Irish were heavily involved lynching black people and destroying property of the rich.
      The perception of the New York migrants was that they were recruited off the boats while black citizens were not conscripted and the rich exempted on payment of some cash,
      The folklore is fascinating. Arguably the Irish bought their place in USA thru spilling their blood, even though that aspect of the history is exaggerated in Songs like the FIGHTING 69th.or even in more modern terms with Steve Earles DIXIELAND.
      Look them up on You Tube.
      There were also Confederate Irish regiments.
      The Tennessee Tenth was commanded by Potestants but Catholics in the ranks.
      The Louisiana Tigers were total cut-throats from New Orleans.
      Cobbes Georgians faced off directly against Meaghers Union Irish Brigade at Fredericksburg. It is shown in the movie Gods And Generals.

      Interesting interpretaions of Freedom. john Mitchel was clearly racist and based in South Carolina, he lost two sons for the Confederacy.
      Meagher, who had been sentenced to be hanged drawn and quartered in 1848 before being sent to Australia, ended up in USA and led a Brigade n Union side. Ended up Governor of Montana and mysteriously disappeared. Conspiracy theorists claim he was murdered by either confederate sympathisers or British-Canadian agents.

      Also worth checking out General Patrick Cleburne, Cork born and a Confederate general killed at Battle of Franklin. He was NOT a racist and advocated the full granting of rights to slaves.
      Its absolutely fascinating….very very complex.

  3. Political Tourist says:

    Don’t know if it’s an age thing but the war of 1861-1865 doesn’t quite seem as clear to me as in the days of old Hollywood movies were it was a straight case of the good guys won, story ended.
    Any sane person would want an to slavery but ending slavery by torching the place and then leaving African Americans in the South cheated out of the vote for a 100 years is criminal.

  4. Political Tourist says:

    I’d heard the story of American Civil War widows getting pensions a couple of decades back.
    Seems there are two children of veterans still getting a pension.
    Nearly as good a story as John Tyler 10th President of the USA still having two grandchildren alive today in 2013.
    John Tyler was born in 1790.

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