The Common People And The Comma People

My compliments to “Alan in Belfast” the token nice guy on Slugger O’Toole, who has used the phrase “letsgetalongerists” twice in the past three days.
Having introduced you all to LetsGetAlongerists…let me introduce you to THE COMMA PEOPLE.

We are all aware of the Common People. I am one. I am very common.
Paddy Murphy, John Smith and Elizabeth Johnston are Common People.
We are complete Nobodies. No-Marks.
The COMMA PEOPLE are Somebodies.
Their names are always followed by a COMMA and a few words to explain just how much of a Somebody they are.

If you are involved in Networking….the system where Somebody feels the need to engage with another Somebody…that COMMA is vital.
Someday I want to have a COMMA attached to my name.

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7 Responses to The Common People And The Comma People

  1. kalista63 says:

    I’ll take you to a supermarket. I don’t know why but I have to start somewhere, so we’ll start there.

  2. Tom Breen says:

    That’s brilliant. I recently sat through a work presentation that favorably quoted a man whose job was given as “keynote speaker,” as if he has somehow managed to make a living doing that and nothing else. From now on, I’ll think of him as a shining example of the comma people.

  3. bangordub says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    let me present that prince among bloggers, Jacobean scholar extraordinaire, philatalist, political anorak and keeper of Keano the cat, Mr Fitz…………Crash / Bang!

  4. But surely “FitzJamesHorse, MBE” makes you a comma person now!

    • I have nothing against the Comma People.
      Indeed they are an inspiration to us all.
      I felt duty bound to accept the MBE on behalf of my readers. I cant think of it it terms of myself.
      But I aspire to be one of the Comma People.
      My destiny is to be interviewed on Lisburn Community Radio…as Fitzjames Horse, International Blogger.
      Admittedly its not much of an aspiration.

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