The Yanks Are Coming

Interesting to see Congressman Brendan Boyle from Philadelphia on Channel 4 News. He was concerned about the effects of Brexit on the Good Friday Agreement.


He is one of the rising stars in the Democratic Party. His brother is also a congressman.

As the name suggests, he is Irish-American America. His father comes from Glencolumcille in Co Donegal and his late mother was from Sligo.

Even more interesting to see ex-Senator George Mitchell talking about the same topic at 5am this morning. It was the lead item on CNN.

It might just be a coincidence but clearly some interest in USA. Looks like the Irish embassy has been busy.

It should be fun to watch unuonists and unionist commentators react. They really despise IrishAmericans.

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7 Responses to The Yanks Are Coming

  1. hoboroad says:

    It’s about bloody time

  2. hoboroad says:

    I think the DUP have been fundamental, if Brexit gets delivered, it will be because of the DUP.

    Aaron Banks speaking at a DUP dinner

  3. hoboroad says:

    According to Sky News the British Government is worried about Irish American involvement in Brexit.

    • I saw that.
      In a sense there is too much news….or rather 24 hours needs to be filled. I am never sure about how effective Irish-Americans are.
      Thanks to the Internet, we know how knowledgable some are and how stupid others are.
      Theres always an element of playing to the voters in Boston and Chicago but this guy Boyle looks ok.
      Its a happy coincidence that St Patricks Day falls just before Brexit when possibly the Americans are more Irish for a week.
      But maybe the real point is that they exist.
      It angers the Brits, the DUP and the British media.

    • Intersting stat: The figures viewing this Blog might be a barometer. In general about 60% of viewers are designated “UK”. About 15% are “Ireland”, 15% “USA” and the balance are from the rest of the world. I have noticed a decrease in “UK” and an upsurge in “USA”.

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