Lobbying Companies And Escort Agencies

A lot of people from the (self-regulated) Lobbying industry have been on the various  TV News channels all day. And I still cant understand what they actually DO and why we need them. And why a Democracy needs them.

When I was doing an A level in Economics and Political Studies 1970, we were taught that before a Bill goes before the British House of Commons, the senior civil servants will often talk to interested groups such as the Ministry of Agriculture will often want to talk to the “Royal” Society for the Protection of Birds”. For some peculiar reason I will never forget that example.

I suppose in 2013, it is all done thru Lobbying Companies and presumably that means that people pay money to these companies…and not withstanding pro bona work…this is a form of hiring a taxi…the passenger decides the destination.

Client….Lobbyist….Politician. The Client pays the Company and whatever happens after that seems a bit….vague. I looked about ten Lobbyist websites tonight and the information seemed a bit vague. In fairness none of them actually said they were corrupt or corrupting. I am of course not familiar with Lobbyists.

Nor am I familiar with Escort Agencies. But from what I have heard….the Client or “John” as he is unfortunately known….pays an Escort Agency ….and what happens after that…..I should point out that all this information comes from watching The Bill and Cagney and Lacey.

So I see a similarity.

Client…Lobbyist…Politician…….and “John”….Pimp…Whore.

Of course no reputable Lobby Firm or Escort Agency would see it this way. According to the lobbyists on TV today, the industry is self -regulating. I suppose Escort Agencies have a code of conduct also.

But with Bankers and Journalists and Politicians, have we not seen the folly of self-regulation?

We must either criminalise Lobbying or de-criminalise Prostitution.

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