BBC Ulster Scots (sic) Word Of The Day


I was inspired by a thread on Slugger O’Toole to look up the Ulster-Scots (please dont snigger) word for “scoundrel”. I did not have far to look because it is actually the Word of the Day on the BBC Ulster Scots website.

Apparently the word “loon” means “boy, scamp, rascal, scoundrel”. I posted this information on Slugger in response to a question on a thread. But alas the original question and my reply have been deleted by Mick Fealty. Mick has of course no reason to explain this peculiar ruling….but has offered that the thread which he initiated is a serious topic. That seems a dangerous precedent as a lot of serious Slugger threads have a little humour involved. Even Mick himself is not above a wee bit of sarcasm….but only if the target is the SDLP or Sinn Fein.

I never know how these Word of the Day things work. Is it all arranged months in advance?

Ulster-Scots Language? You couldnt make it up. Well actually they DID make it up. Parity of Esteem? Parody of Esteem?

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11 Responses to BBC Ulster Scots (sic) Word Of The Day

  1. Irish Aussie says:

    This seems like an issue for laird lord to get his teeth into

  2. Irish Aussie says:

    Would Laird Lord now be considered a “loon” ?

  3. loon for a boy – that surely is more doric than lallans?

    • re you old enough to remember the confrontation between Jimmy Reid and Kenneth Williams? Parkinson Show…they had been on together and it got a bit political and they were invited back the next week.
      For sound check purposes Before starting Williams recited some poetry and turned to Reid and snootily said…”Shakespeare” ( or Keats or whatever).
      Reid then did his sound check…also poetry.
      Williams said ” that was very good…who wrote it?”
      Reid said ” I did”

  4. hoboroad says:

    Have seen clips of it not old enough to have seen it the first time around. Williams held some real right-wing views. But Reid was something else a real working class hero.

    • Actually in his post war youth, Williams was …I think….a pretend lefty in the Artistic tradition. Progressively he got extremely right wing.
      His diaries….very strange…very strange man.

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