Ulster-Scots: You Couldnt Make It Up

Ulster Scots….You cant make it up. Well actually I think they DID make it up.
Some photographs from the Ulster-Scots Agency.
Remember this is a LANGUAGE.

It beggars belief how much money has been squandered on this nonsense.

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12 Responses to Ulster-Scots: You Couldnt Make It Up

  1. Indeed. The Blether Region has frequently tackled the manner in which the genuine community dialect of Irish-Scots has been left to whither by those “Ulster Nationalists” proselytizing for the wholly artificial tongue of “Ullans”. What can you say about a “minority language” agency which admitted to a journalist with a national newspaper that they added accents to certain words in their “language” because they thought they “looked nice“?!

    It is the ultimate Tolkienesque fantasy language. More Game of Thrones than Hamely Tongue.

  2. boondock says:

    Its like double dutch how could anyone decipher it? I saw the book Nursery rhymes for weans in one of the photos – is it a cook book or something? such a strange language and amazing how different it is to English spoken by a culchie (nice ulster scot word I must apply for a job with the agency with such skills)

  3. kilclunylooney says:

    Should it not be “Please gie the duur a wee chap”?

  4. Political Tourist says:

    I thought Oor Wullie came from Dundee rather than Donaghadee.

  5. MPG ..... says:

    Local Esperanto for the tiny lunatic fringe in the North? Cant cut the cultural mustard! When will the paymaster(s) wake up but then when will they wake up and look at the overall economic subvention?

  6. Anyone else recall Nelson Mc Causland on the BBC with a linguistics professor who said there is simply no such language? Poor Nelson was very unhappy.

    • I think that was Hearts and Minds.
      The linguistics expert was from Univ of St Andrews (I think).
      I dont think they talked directly but The good Professor said that the language of early 17th century Scotland could be reconstructed from texts of the day. Academic libraries are full of 17th century texts.
      The Ulster Scots language was largely guesswork, and made up…a travesty.

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