Alliance Party Headquarters

This is Alliance Party HQ in University Street, Belfast. Despite the sunny colour yellow, it has been described as a “cold house”.


Who knows what sinister things go on behind this door. A former member, Ms Kamble has described the people who run the Party as a “tight clique of elitist individuals”.


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12 Responses to Alliance Party Headquarters

  1. Sinn Féin Supporter in County Tyrone says:

    Are you expecting an Alliance loss anywhere?

  2. Why do you hate the Alliance Party so much? (genuine question)

    • It is easier than liking them.
      Genuine answer…they are a dishonest political party, favoured by the NIO and the media.
      They are too sanctimonious.
      They have a sense of entitlement.
      In 2011 they got two Executive seats ..on 52,000 votes.
      SDLP and UUP got one seat with 92,000 votes each (these are approx figures).
      Is there any good reason why a UUP or SDLP voter should give a second preference to the backstabbing bast***s.
      Have they ever been 25 miles outside Belfast?

  3. Sinn Féin Supporter in County Tyrone says:

    Dept of Spec:


  4. Gaygael says:

    You are likely to delete my comments but I will post anyway.


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