Constituency Offices…#28 Máirtín Muilleoir MLA

Sinn Féin offices/advice centres are usually pretty drab with (often) no reference to a specific MLA. I suppose they use co-option so often that it is hardly worthwhile to put up a sign with a name on it.


The office of Máirtín Ó Muilleoir MLA South Belfast is located on Ormeau Road. It has had a make-over.

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6 Responses to Constituency Offices…#28 Máirtín Muilleoir MLA

  1. Sinn Féin Supporter in County Tyrone says:

    Do you think Stalford will be squeezed out in South Belfast?

  2. Vince says:

    Mr O’Muilleoir must be among the most over-rated and under-scrutinised politicians around – God knows there is plenty of competition. His much vaunted entrepreneurial skills seem to have produced few tangible benefits for the wider population. His straight guy, man of the people act also sits uncomfortably with the absolutely disgraceful campaign that he and his colleagues waged against Alasdair McDonnell in the GE of 2015. And of course who can forget his “poll-topping” YouTube video on the morning of that same election. Stunt man or serious politician? And just how does he get away with using his newspapers as free propaganda sheets during campaigns? Is that not in breach of electoral law?

    • I dont know about electoral law.
      But if he is over-rated …it is not by himself. In many ways he is a Donald Trump-like figure….fragile ego, narcissist and a self-publicist.
      Man of the people?
      Certainly watching him last year at a South Belfast-East Belfast Sinn Féin event on Easter Rising was very educational. An unlikely figure in many ways with the “ex-prisoners”.
      How he gets away with walking the line between “new Sinn Féin” and “old Sinn Féin”….some student at Queens should do a PhD on that.
      Interestingly, he was introduced warmly (as Mayor) at a Slugger event a few years ago. The exact words of introduction might be on my blog about that.
      Theres some speculation that he might not get re-elected this time but (speaking without analysis) I think he is safe.
      He needs to talk out of both sides of his mouth at the same time…man of the people on Ormeau Road (a lot of posters around there) and he needs to be the poetry-reading Renaissance Man in the leafier parts of the constituency. He has pulled off that trick a few times but maybe not so easy in 2017.
      There is actually a very good parody Twitter account.

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