Constituency Offices…#29 Paula Bradshaw MLA

Paula Bradshaw MLA is currently a member of the Alliance Party and was elected to Stormont in May 2016. She fought South Belfast as a UUP-Tory in 2010 Westminster election and joined Alliance at the end of that year. Her office is situated in University Street.



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6 Responses to Constituency Offices…#29 Paula Bradshaw MLA

  1. SDLP activist - North Down says:

    Its worth noting something about her defection. It came very soon after she was not selected by the UUP South Belfast Constituency Association to stand in the 2011 Assembly Election. In other words she wanted to stand for the UUP, but was not selected because they chose to have Mark Finlay instead, and shortly after that she switched to Alliance.

    • Exactly.
      But its more complex.
      In 2009 Ian Parsley was Alliance candidate for Europe. He was only a councillor in North Down in your neck of the woods.
      Hard to follow his track record on Defection.
      But he has been UUP-Tory candidate for North Down in the 2010 Westminster election. Ms Bradshaw was the UUP-Tory in 2010 South Belfast.
      Ms Bradshaw did leave UUP and joined Alliance in 2010.
      Parsley himself rejoined Alliance in (I think) 2011.
      Ms Bradshaw and Mr Parsley are married and I understand from the MLA Register of Interests does some work for his wife.

      In SOuth Belfast it is a case of voting for the talented Ms Bradshaw and also getting the equally talented Mr Parsley.

  2. Before all that, she was a community worker on the Donegall Rd. How the mighty have fallen..

  3. David - Alliance Party Member says:

    Trial message.

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