Who Is David McCann?

I cant help notice that David McCann has posted a piece on Slugger O’Toole entitled “Who Is Colum Eastwood?”

Colum is SDLP MLA for Foyle and a few years ago, he was the Mayor of the City of Derry when he was only 27 years old. He is now challenging Alasdair McDonnell MP for Leadership of the Party.

But who is David McCann. Well he is Deputy Editor of Slugger O’Toole. Two years ago, he told us that Claire Hanna would probably defeat Fearghal McKinney to be co-opted as SDLP MLA for South Belfast. That was the day before Fearghal won by 113 votes to 69 votes.

David also facilitated the East Belfast “selective” hustings featuring just two candidates, Naomi Long (Alliance) and Gavin Robinson (DUP). He also reads out loud …reviewing the local newspapers, every so often on UTV.

SDLP members will be familiar with David mooching about with a laptop at most SDLP events. He should not be confused with me…as I also mooch about at SDLP events….but I use an ipad.

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2 Responses to Who Is David McCann?

  1. Declan says:

    He seems to pop up on the bbc with opinions. Shouldn’t he get some relevant experience first?

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