Constituency Offices…#26 David Ford MLA

Carnmoney Road, Glengormley and just a few metres from the SDLP South Antrim Constituency Office…the office of Alliance Party Leader, David Ford MLA for South Antrim and gerrymandered Minister for (In)Justice in the Executive.

It is on the boundary of North Belfast and South Antrim and until a few years ago, Glengormley Village was all in South Antrim.

image I have to say that I was expecting something a little more grand as Ford always strikes me as being a bit pompous. I have failed to find an Alliance office in Antrim Town…apparently it closed a few years ago.

So this Glengormley office can effectively double as an office for South Antrim and North Belfast (Alliance dont have a MLA in North Belfast).

Yet I am surprised that Alliance dont have another office in South Antrim. Alliance did actually gain votes in North Belfast in 2014 and 2015…yet lost a seat in Mid Antrim Council…high profile Alan Lawther.

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4 Responses to Constituency Offices…#26 David Ford MLA

  1. zig70 says:

    gerrymandered Minister gave me a laugh, thanks. Hopefully Alasdair will spot the enemy also now that he has taken the muzzle off.

    • Well…he is.
      About Alasdair…its bizarre that people think its a gaffe. People get so used to the narrative that Alasdair is gaffe prone that this is the way BBC UTV are reporting it. But everyone I know (especially people who arent SDLP people) is saying “about time somebody said it”.
      Yet seriously Slugger were peddling the nonsense that Robinson was reaching out to Catholics.
      And David McCann thinks this is some kinda “scoop” by North Belfast News.

  2. Declan says:

    I liked those Alastair remarks for their straightforwardness. Would people rather he be bland? let Alisdair be Alisdair, say I.

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