Green Party Pop Up Shop…Dublin

The Green Party  have a “pop up” shop at Great Georges Street in Dublin. Lots of trendy stuff for trendy politicos. The Greens have been staging a mini-revival in Dublin although they fully deserved the kicking they got from the Irish electorate in 2011.


There is a Green Party Constituency office nearby in Suffolk Street but unfortunately the photograph I took did not turn out well.

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4 Responses to Green Party Pop Up Shop…Dublin

  1. The party has seen a sudden influx of money over the last several months, according to rumour. With FG and FF both requiring multiple partners for their oppossing rainbow coalitions a lot of odd stuff is taking place in the murkier corners of politics and the media. The Greens are being pushed/talked up for a reason.

    • I have also heard this but is it possible?

      • The Green leader, Éamon Ryan, is visibly desperate for power so he would defo jump onboard a coalition led by FG or FF. Many of those around him benefited from the social and financial aspects of high office, even the backroom folk. Few can turn their backs on that once they have experienced it.

        All the attention on Renua, the Greens and other “acceptable” coalition partners in the right-leaning press indicates something is happening, if only people of like-minded politics naming their favoured outcome late this year or early next.

        That said those donations to the Green Party, a party on 1% in the polls, must be coming from somewhere. I’ve seen SP, AAA, PBP, etc. pimping for donations. The Greens? Not at all.

      • I know very little about Greens in the south but I keep thinking that up north Agnew is little more than a stooge. The real power is John Barry.

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