Tall Ships …Tall Tales

We had the Tall Ships here in 2009. And they came back in 2015. They had the decency to only stay a weekend in this cess pit. They are now on the High Seas …Norway, I think is the next destination.

The Tall Ships is the showcase “Bread and Circus” event for 2015. Last year it was the start of the Giro’Italia Cycle Race. And 2013 was the World Police and Fire Service Games. And 2012 was the Titanic Centenary.

Derry (or Derry-Londonderry as I warned it would become) was “UK” (sic) City of Culture. The Roman Emperors usec to distract the citizens of Rome by giving them Bread and a Circus, Keep the population well fed and entertain them and nobody will notice the sleaze and corruption at the heart of it all.

The Tourist Board, and the Norn Iron Government and a compliant Media believe that if we are given enough Bread and Circus, nobody will notice that Norn Iron is a sectarian and corrupt cess pit. Indeed Norn Iron is a bit like “Game of Thrones”, another Bread and Circus event.

Thus…we can have Tall Ships in Belfast Dockyards while elsewhere in Titanic-land a Confederate Flag was being hoisted on a lamp post outside the home of a black family. The PSNI brand it a “hate crime” and rush off to talk to “community activists” (code for loyalist paramilitary killers) to negotiate ots removal. Actually it was removed by the coach of a football club, for whom the black house-holder plays.

So the LetsGetAlongerists tell us that Tall Ships is the real Norn Iron and turn a blind eye to the naked sectarianism and racism which plagues Norn Iron at this time of the year.

Heritage or Hate? There is a debate to be had in South Carolina about different interpretations of display of the Confederate Battle Flag. There can be no debate in East Belfast….it is racist.

The year 2016….the Centenary of the Easter Rising and the Battle of the Somme will be a bumper year for LetsGetLongerism as the usual suspects tell us about our “shared History”. It is all a contrived sham. There can be no parity of esteem between Decent values and Obscene values.

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