I’ll Tell NAMA When I Get Home…

The story so far?

NAMA …a Republic of Ireland “assets agency” set up in the aftermath of the Banking and Property collapse has a portfolio of properties, worldwide that it needs to sell off to recover money for the Irish Treasury.

Within Norn Iron, the portfolio was estimated to have a value of €4 billion dollars. And was sold off to an American company for €1.5 billion.

A major Norn Iron firm of Solicitors parted company with a senior executive earlier this year. He repaid €7 million to his former employer. The Law Society is informed.

A “maverick” member of the Irish Parliament suggests (with privelege) that part of the €7 million might have been intended for a leading Norn Iron politician.

Speculation arises as to the name of the politician. And a big name…is named. And his son. And a few other people, in and around Government.

Great Stuff!

The Finance Committee of the Norn Iron Assembly will investigate. But precedent suggests this will all be a bit partisan. The best we can hope for is some embarrassing performances of the “I have been advised not to answer ….” nature. And hopefully some MLAs will “abuse” Assembly privelege.

All good clean fun.

But…how long can the Stormont farce go on?

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2 Responses to I’ll Tell NAMA When I Get Home…

  1. boondock says:

    Interesting few days ahead. Cant believe I find myself regularly checking a well known loon loyalists blog and twitter feed for updates. Fair play to him for pressing the nuclear buttons but would love to know who is actually feeding him all the info. Meanwhile Belfast Telegraph and sluggerotoole by and large giving this story a miss. One part of me feels this is going to get buried until everyone forgets about it and then another part of me feels it could actually end Stormont and even better completely destroy a certain smug, corrupt political party. Im hoping for the latter.

    • Your hopes and my hopes.
      The interesting thing about the blog to which you refer is that I met the author about eighteen months ago. He did have a certain cunning street smart and the PhDs in attendance (I am not a PhD) were lining up for the kudos of talking to him.
      There was nothing in his demeanour that suggested he was capable of this kinda in depth analysis…and he doesnt seem to write as he speaks.
      If I was a conspiracy theorist, Id think his well placed source is actually writing the blog . And there are probably a few false trails in the Blog.

      The silence on Slugger is interesting.
      Certainly staying on the right side of the law is important, especially with so many legal types about. But I can only speculate if there is any other reason.
      Are there really “fixers” in Norn Iron. I am always wary of those who loiter with intent of a Quango. But should we be wary of “fixers” who seek to influence politics and/or contracts in a certain direction.

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