Exposing Children To Hatred

It is of course a terrible thing that a man and his young child are waving ISIL flags in central London. People are rightly outraged.

But that is London …and it could never happen here….in Belfast, Carrickfergus, Lisburn and Portadown. But later this week some very young children will be exposed to marching “Kick The Pope” flute bands, having learned the words of anti-Catholic songs at a bonfire where the National Flag of Ireland burns alongside symbols of Catholicism.

A reasonable person might think this is Hatred. Alas …this is Orange “Culture”, which we are obliged to recognise as a legitimate expression of Unionist and Protestant Identity.

BBC will as always cover the Twelfth Parade in Belfast. They might well be embarrassed about it but cowardice in the face of the outrage which would be expressed by DUP and UUP politicians means that the BBC is locked into it for ever. They have covered the Twelfth “live” for sixty odd years. The BBC just cant say “no”.

And on the Twelfth Night, BBC and UTV will have happy reports from all of the parades and in fairness, some will be happy rural occasions. And we will be told heart-warming stories from the various “Fields”. Billy McBilly is 97 years old and attending his 90th consecutive Twelfth in Bally-Go-Backwards in County Tyrone. Good old Billy. Meanwhile Carson Carson from Toronto, Canada is attending his first Twelfth in Buck Eejit Ville in County Antrim.

No Sectarianism in evidence of course. Just happy smiley faces as wee kids enjoy their ice cream.

Yes…exposing children to Hatred is a very bad thing. BBC and UTV would never encourage such a thing.

Meanwhile, I appear to be the only Blogger in Norn Iron, who has not been given a personal tour of the Orange Museum in Belfast. You can read the fawning reviews or is it serious critique on….er Slugger O’Toole.

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