Remember The Alamo

It is now over two years since I was in San Antonio, Texas. The surprise about The Alamo is that an entire city is built around it. Whatever the politics of 1836, it is impressive.

The first thing to notice is the place of honour for the flags of the birthplaces of the Alamo defenders.

image The Irish Flag is just to the left as you go thru the front door. Along with Wales, England, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland.

Curiously there is no “British” Flag. And no “Norn Iron” Flag…which must disappoint all those Orangemen and their “Ulster Scot” crap.

Even more curiously, the Irishmen at the Alamo would never have seen or even heard of the Flag that Thomas F Meagher did not unveil until 1848.

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3 Responses to Remember The Alamo

  1. Neil Cosgrove says:

    For the record, there was no Germany either. Germany did not unify until 1871. Unlike the Irish who would identify themselves as Irish even in 1848, the Teutonic defenders of the Alamo would have called themselves Prussians, Saxons, Bavarians, etc. etc.

  2. Indeed the Alamo was in 1836.
    I suppose the modern German flag is symbolic of those ethnic Germans who fought there. In USA, even then, they would have been identified as “German”.
    The intriguing thing is that the Ireland flag is deemed rightly to honour those Irishmen who died. The Alamo curators see the Irish Flag as inclusive. They don’t give a tinkers curse about Norn Iron.
    Yet the British Flag is not deemed by them to embrace the Scots, Welsh or even English who died there.

  3. Neil Cosgrove says:

    Typo that should have been a “prior to 1848”, i.e, the Irish would refer to themselves as Irish prior to the Tri-Color. A topic for another day and another blog, but historically Britain’s “embrace” of Ireland, Scotland and Wales has not been one of warmth.

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