Keeping An Eye On The Czar Of ….Belgium

I have been worried about the Czar of Russia so much that I took to blogging about him in 2011…almost four years ago. I think I over-estimated him. He has not done anything since 1917.

I should probably stop keeping an eye on him and start looking at the bastards in the so-called European Union. I have never much cared for it…in any of its guises. Perhaps its saving grace is that the people who oppose it …Nigel Farage and UKIP for example….are even worse.

But we now have a very obvious Federal Europe, imposing its will on the sovreign states of Europe. Of course, you may say that there is no such thing as “sovreignty” in 2015. Perhaps. But I dont think that if the real European “project” had been spelled out to Europes voters, they would have voted so enthusiastically for an undemocratic federal Europe.

There is an irony. People I think might respect Europe but nobody actually loves it. Europe will never win the Football World Cup…Germans would much prefer if Germany won it. No European anthem will ever be played and no European anthem played as an Italian athlete, French judo player, Polish triathlete and Irish boxer wins Gold at the Olympic Games.

A United Europe? Who would actually die for Europe? And yet in this Decade of Centenaries, people died for Germany, Austria, Italy, France….as well as Ireland.

Ah 1916. Is it relevant to this? I think so. The nationalist-unionist debate in the early 1900s was about the Emotional Appeal of an Irish Nation against the Economicc Benefit of a British Empire.

What did Ireland do in 1916-22? Kick out the British to bring in the Belgians?

Is that how our young people think in 2015. That being Irish is little more than Emotion stacked against being a small part of a massive trading block…ruled undemocratically from the Centre…in this case Brussels.

London and Brussels. Thats how it was and thats how it is. That is our context.

Of course the Greeks dont see it that  way. They dont see a parallel witn the British Empire. The more obvious parallel is with 1939-1945. …..oh dear I mentioned the War but I dont think I got away with it. A United Europe? Charlemagne, Napolean Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler…Angela Merkel.

The Greeks yesterday chose between Emotion and Pocket Book/Wallet. The choice made easier because the Pocket Books are empty and would remain empty whether they voted YES or NO in the Referendum. Simple enough….die on your knees or die on your feet.

They made the right choice.

But Frau Merkel wont like it. “Europe” (thats you and me folks) wants regime change in Greece. Unashamedly, thats what they are saying. This is how Europe has changed from the 1970s when democratic Common Market fast-tracked Greece into membership to encourage Greek Democracy after the years of right-wing military dictatorship.

In 2015….who are the Democrats? Who are the Dictators? Who  are the Fascists?

Human Rights? Maybe Amnesty is already preparing its “Je Suis Greek” placards to demonstrate at Belfast City Hall? More likely….not.

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3 Responses to Keeping An Eye On The Czar Of ….Belgium

  1. Donal Cunningham says:

    This is a strange situation and one where I honestly think both sides of the Greek Referendum would have been happy to lose.

    However a solution needs to be found and I can only see this come about through additional funding (most likely European) this needs to be repaid at rate which doesn’t further cripple the already people of Greece.

    • I think youre right. Nobody actually wants to be the Government. So the current Government really did need the fresh mandate and they got it.
      Additional funding has to be found. These people NEED a break. There are Russians waiting in the wings. Democracy needs to be supported. Greece (from an American perspective) needs to stay in NATO (it cpuld save a lot by spending less on Defence). And it is the front line against ISIL and Is,amist extremism.
      But “Europe” has now over-reached itself…TWICE.
      The “Euro” does not look like a great idea right now.
      And expanding from 15 to 25 countries (now 28) was a big mistake.
      it all happened while Russia was weak.

      The practicalities of a new bail out are difficult. Of Greece gets new funding, how will the Spanish electorate react later this year.
      How will the Irish react next year? If Greece gets more funding, its European money (including Italian, Irish, Portuguese and Spanish).
      Ireland has endured a lot pf hardship and the Govt is in a better position than two years ago but the electorate can claim that they are owed something now.
      I dont see how Europe can bail out Greece without making more money available to Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal.

  2. acarson1 says:

    Enjoyed reading this. You’re right – people do put the emotion before money. I’m a bit of a have not and never will have a few bob but I’d rather live in a financially secure country than skint. Best thing Ireland did was join the Euro. Their road network is brilliant.

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