Alliance Party…The Smoking Gun?

Interesting piece by Barton Creeth on an Alliance Party candidate in upcoming Local Elections.
Barton notes a “Stratagem” notepad in the Alliance Party HQ.
Is this the smoking gun that links Stratagem and Alliance?

And they called me paranoid.
Rowntree Finance?
Slugger O’Toole?

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2 Responses to Alliance Party…The Smoking Gun?

  1. Clennish says:

    A spider’s web of like minded people pursuing an agenda to normalise and smooth the hard edge of both nationalism’s. Successful in implanting the term ‘shared future’ as the basis of political discourse and imprinting upon the population generally. The general policy aim being one of passivity, of having a NI at peace, which requires moderating the excesses of unionism whilst stemming the tide of population change through redirect enough nationalist people to a ‘northern irish’ identity – a seperate entity from the rest of Ireland, to ensure & build the ‘brokeness’ of our nation.
    The alternative of addressing the core issue & acceptance of a national Irish settlement carries the risk of violence from the Unionist community, this alternative has been rejected by the British in favour of passivity.
    Who pulls the Strategem strings…..just to add to the paranoia 😉

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