Dog Shit…Alliance Steps In

Delighted as I am to see the Alliance Party skulk about in my street under the cover of darkness, I cant help notice that they refer to this place as “our area” but nobody here has ever seen an Alliance Party member…ever.
Alliance 2

“Are there problems with dog fouling in our (sic) area”?

Absolutely not. FitzjamesDog (Smokey) is a very large labrador and has absolutely no problem with toilet arrangements.
Unfortunately he is a large dog and I am a 61 year old man.
Lifting him off the ground and pointing his arse in the general direction of the “dog poop box” is causing me some difficulty.

I would consider it a great favour if the Alliance Party could arrange to have one of these boxes relocated at ground level.

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4 Responses to Dog Shit…Alliance Steps In

  1. pippakin says:

    Try chasing a puppy all over the garden because the little bbbbb has just discovered she loves it! And did you not recently join the Alliance party? I’m sure they will happy to teach you how to poop and scoop they are experts.

  2. Rory Carr says:

    Please note that, whenever using the term “our area”, Alliance Party members are referring to the space inside their heads which is large and roomy and filled with all sorts of fantastic wonders. Much like the Land of Oz really.

    (Have you seen that Judy Garland ? Isn’t she just marvellous ? Just like Naomi, don’t you think ? And David too now that you mention it.)

  3. Alliance Party activist North Armagh says:


    EDIT. Alliance Party supporter so obviously cannot be published here.

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