Alliance Party…The Hashtag Party?

I have to say that I am mildly amused at the hashtag “Aim High Vote Lo” as a campaign slogan for Alliance Euro candidate, Anna Lo.
But I cant help feeling that the Alliance Party did not think this one thru.

There are other Alliance people with unfortunate names.
Take 2015 and Naomi Long (the only Alliance person with balls) and she will be defending her East Belfast seat at Westminster.
Can I suggest….Naomi Five Years Too Long.

Of course in 2016 David Ford and Chris Lyttle might be defending their Assembly seats in South Antrim and East Belfast.
Hashtag….Drive Out A Ford.
Hashtag….Think Big…Dont Vote Lyttle.

Or maybe Norn Irons leading celebrity political couple…Mr and Mrs Parsley …will venture into electoral politics yet again.
Hashtag…Support Parsley..Vote Green.

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1 Response to Alliance Party…The Hashtag Party?

  1. Parsley is garsley or paraphrase Ogden Nash by saying that any assembly which can be improved by Parsley is ipso-facto unfit for purpose. Come to think of it…………..

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