Congratulations Ellen

Delighted that my friend, Dr Ellen Tillman from Texas State University, has been awarded the prestigious Coffman Prize for Military History for 2014.

I have known Ellen for many years thru Internet History forums.
She is an enthusiastic supporter of this Blog.
Last year Ellen invited me to Texas to talk to her post-graduate students about Norn Iron and Conflict Resolution. This was a genuinely life-changing experience for me…even at the ripe old age of sixty.
To see her recognised as one of the stars of her generation of historians is a great thrill.
Ellen has a fascination with footnotes…and pointing in that authorative way at things.image

Proud of my friend.
“Sail on Silver Girl….Sail on By.
Your Time Has Come To Shine.” (Paul Simon).

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1 Response to Congratulations Ellen

  1. Glenn S says:

    Political differences to one side: Well done Ellen.

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