Parades Commission Ruling

Three days to the Twelfth.
The Parades Commission has ruled that the Orange Order cannot return home via the Ardoyne Shops. Of course that decision might be reversed.
Good news for nationalists.
Bad news for unionists.
Zero Sum. Thats how it is.

Sit back for a few days and watch unionists do the whole Angry Thing.

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1 Response to Parades Commission Ruling

  1. kalista63 says:

    If one was listening casually to the Radio Statelet news, one would be convinced that there was to be no parade allowed o the 12th at all, much akin to the fleg being “pulled” down at BCH as if it were never to fly at all.This morinng, Nolan allowed unionists (including a self-proclaimed orange man) to slight the people of Ardoyne as a lazy and being pished up when they return.In fairness to Frank Mitchell, he was having none of that behaviour. Is this important? Well, to an extent, I think it is as these shows are much listened to and the disingenuous is a dangerous tool.

    I take it that East Belfast’s Jim Wilson putting his tuppence i (as well as turning up to the Seaview protest) means unionists can do away with their “nationalists travelling to be offended” nonsense?

    Like people, such as Chris Donnelly, I’ve my eye on the balance of policing, arrests and decisions and it’s currently well out of kilter, in favour of unionists. One has to wonder, to police whom have the 650 bobbys been drafted in to police.

    I hope GARC have finally realised that unionists are quite capable of imploding in public view without help. Put down the bricks and lift your camera phones GARC, they’re the new weapon of choice against the myth of loyalist culture.

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