Andy Murray…The New (Scottish) Rory McIlroy

Now that Rory McIlroy has gone off the boil a bit, I see Slugger O’Toole has adopted Andy Murray.
McIlroy…from Holywood is I suppose a hero for us all. LetsGetAlongerists claim him most I suppose. Unionists and Nationalists are a bit wary of him.
Slugger O’Toole’s Dimbleby has of course been supporting Scottish “unionism” so I suppose its only right that Andy Murray is fought over by Scottish unionists and Scottish nationalists. Maybe he isa Scottish letsgetalongerist.

Meanwhile one Jacobite (they havent gone away you know) emails me to point out the irony of David CAMERON meeting Andy MURRAY at Downing Street.

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11 Responses to Andy Murray…The New (Scottish) Rory McIlroy

  1. factual says:

    I was absolutely over the moon to see Andy win-fantastic achievement.

    Don’t think it fair that people drag him into politics.

  2. mick says:

    Well there ya go, Alex Salmond, #GetAlongerist! Who knew?

  3. factual says:

    Andy has stated that he will enter the debate with his views closer to the time of the indyref.

    • boondock says:

      It just goes to show that its pointless trying to compare Scottish and Irish independence referendums. The aricle above quotes a number of celebrities in the no camp most of them I know to be mad celtic suppporters likewise the SNP just cant tap into the large Irish catholic vote in the central belt of Scotland. Is it because they fear the SNP a little, who were once nicknamed the orange and kilt party and just stick with safe bet labour. Strange then that SF and other nationalists here are so pro SNP or is it just for the fact that they have a better chance of breaking up the union than themselves. As for Murray cant for the life of me see why it would be a good idea to publicly support the yes or no campaign as he will be hounded no matter what he decides considering his new found status

      • Was also thinking about this the other day.
        There is obviously historic reasons why nativist Scots and imported Orish have had political differences.
        Its Gangs of New York territory.

  4. Interesting to see how the only thing the ostensibly left-wing and right-wing media in Britain can agree on is their absolute opposition to Scottish independence and their detestation of the SNP and Alex Salmond in particular. Most of the writers for the Guardian, New Statesman and Left Foot Forward can barely conceal their disdain for “tribal” Scottish nationalism (as opposed to “civic Unionism” aka supremacist British nationalism).

    Slowly but surely everything even vaguely “patriotic” related is being filtered through the struggle for continued English/British hegemony in Scotland. Jubilees, Olympics, royal weddings (and births), sports, etc. Even James Bond movies are being eulogised by Britnats in a frenzied attempt to fight off the diminution of Greater England. The whole thing reeks of desperation and a major post-imperial persecution complex.

    • There is a dilemna within the British Left wing.
      They have always regarded nationalism as “tribal” and a force that is not “enlightened”.
      Id say it has its origins in English superiority (any century since time began) but there is an anti-Catholic thing that runs thru English life from the Reformation. While surprisingly tolerant of Elizabethan (ie English) recusants…Left and Right will combine to treat Scottish and Irish as tribes. Not totally religious but certainly there is an aspect.
      ENGLISH Left and Right believe that Scotland and Ireland “need” them as some kinda guarantee against excess.
      It is historic. The anthem that British unionists espouse is both anti Scottish and anti Catholic.
      Modern Jacobites …and yes that makes no sense…are rarely if ever right.
      But they DO understand the Whig Settlement as they call it as being as toxic as anything “tribal”.
      There are English Lefties who are ok about Oliver Cromwell and the Levellers as some kinda putative socialists and are remarkably tolerant about his genocidal ways. Dont mention Drogheda or Wexford. Indeed the same might be said of French Lefties in relation to Vendee Catholics.

      The Guardian editorials are written by such people.
      A British (but occasionally liberal) hegemony …when push comes to shove, the British Left and Right are….British.

      • I agree with all of that. I have met some very “right-on” and über-PC English folk who have no hesitation at all in expressing quite appalling views about Ireland and the Irish while believing the righteousness of their position. Its actually very dispiriting when it happens.

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