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So …Air Force One has landed. And the only question I want to ask is when do they all go home. G8…sick of it already. Not without its funny side. Noel Thompson did not know it was the Lord Lieutenant  (Lady?) from County Antrim who welcomed President Obama at Aldergrove Airport. ” There goes my knighthood” joked Thompson but  unionists would have expected better from the BBC. In fairness nobody knows we actually have a Lord or Lady Lieutenant. To set the record straight, her name is … its gone. but she is hardly a household name in her own household. What else did we learn so far….well nationalists wont be thrilled that David Cameron presumes to welcome President Obama to Norn Iron. We have learned that the US Consulate was so impressed with an essay written by a pupil from Methody (where else?), a girl pupil (obviously) and in a few minutes she will welcome President Obama on to the stage. I am guessing that Hannah Nelson will be …coincidently….photogenic. image

Yes. I put Ms Nelson on “mute”. I have heard too many confident, articulate teenagers talk about how much they want Peace.

image I did listen to the First Lady. Pleasant but patronising.

image President Obama has star quality. Frankly he has nothing else. He name- checked all the right places and people. …the politicians, Rory McIlroy, “Dame” Mary Peters, Seamas Heaney…even getting in “whats the craic?”. And yet he was at his best talking about new generations creating space for tolerance.

image Peter Robinson, Martin McGuinness, “Lord” Mayor  Mairtin O’Muilleoir and Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty (and occasionally Slugger O’Toole).

There was something slightly uncomfortable. Did we really need Bill Clinton to tell us all how wonderful we all are? Do we really need Barak Obama to remind us? Are we so lacking in confidence that we crave being patronised?

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45 Responses to The Eagle Has Landed…Rolling Blog Of Sorts

  1. factual says:

    I though that the message – one of hope – was absolutely spot on: the need for a shared future now. Part and parcel of …


    • We should not be importing HOPE.

      • factual says:

        Don’t you think it good that the young people are being encouraged to put religious differences to one side and to think in terms of a shared future? Surely Obama’s speech can only help in that process?

      • All people …of any age ….should put religious differencesaside as they should have no relevance in a national or political context.
        But the point is that if we leave aside POLITICAL differences,…then in the context of Norn Iron…there is no point in nationalism.
        We would all be letsgetalongerists and de facto unionists.

      • factual says:

        FJH: Couldn’t be de facto unionists because as Martin McGuinness has pointed out unionists didn’t want powersharing, and nationalism did, so now that there is powersharing this means that unionism didn’t get what it wanted; moreover the development of a shared future is something that goes hand in hand with a UI.

  2. Political Tourist says:

    Well at least the big wigs from across the planet didn’t mention Fermanagh getting beat at home by Cavan.
    Still, roll on Westmeath.

  3. Astonishing to see men like Alex Kane and Chris Ryder going dewy eyed over the wee girl’s speech. I’m sure if the video of the kid’s speech form Clinton’s visit was available, it would sound exactly the same. Actuall, Obama’s speech isn’t even that different from the predidential stud’s, all those years ago.

    I wonder if all those foreign people watching Obama and the wee girl, who hired our peace industry whores will be demanding their money back. And well they should. He’ll, it was even said today that David Ford’s much vaunted opening of the peace gates in Alexandera Park is a thing of the past, they’re now closed.

    Of course, we are getting plenty of we ALL need to do more. Not so, not so at all. The truth is that, with the exception of the tiny number of republican dissidents, it is the unionist and loyalist community that is holding things back. Worse still, this past 2 years or more the have rewound the clock, wound up their community. It is they and they alone who see every attempt to make NI a more balanced society, something in THEIR interet, as an attack on their culture and identity.

    • Some excellent points there.
      It like have a production line of photogenic and articulate schoolkids, who will tug the heartsrings of the American TV networks.
      And we will get the same in Fermanagh. There is some photogenic toddler out there in an Irish dancing costume and another in a scottish kilt…opposite sides of the divide and all that…and they will get tickets to appear in tv studios coast to coast.
      But youre right about this. Where has all the peace money gone?
      Into a bottomless pit.
      And just when the donors are scratching their heads …and talking about stopping the gravy train….more money will come rolling in.
      And who will atually SEE this money?

  4. factual says:

    I think that the older people aren’t good at taking on board one of Obama’s points, and one of Hanna’s points, namely that the other point of view is to be respected.

  5. factual says:

    President Obama made some strongly supportive comments regarding integrated education. That is surely to be encouraged – only those who are conservative forces oppose such schools.

    • Im not a conservative force and I oppose it.
      President Obama falls into the same trap that all Americans fall into.
      They come from a historic background that had segregated education in the southern states.
      Our Catholic system is not inferior.

    • kalista63 says:

      Yeah, that’d be great if it wasn’t for so many yanks putting their kids in to faith and other ethos based schools because the public system is so often crap. The very same goes for GB, hence the outrage of the jealous who think all schools should be as crap as the English state system.I saw a recent BBC report on faith schools and it included an RC one which Muslims and Sikhs attended which all the children and parents were greatly behind.

  6. hoboroad says:

    President Obama sends his own children to a a private school in the USA. He or his wife would not dream of sending their children to a public school in Washington DC.

  7. hoboroad says:

    Very naive Factual not to mention condescending and even offensive to those who have lived through all the chaos in the North.

    • Exactly….we did not fight politically and in other ways to keep stuff, gain stuff…just to give it way. And naive to think that the bulk of the unionist community will reciprocate. They have never done so before.

  8. hoboroad says:

    Yeah why change the habit of a lifetime. Any gains by Irish Nationalists have been hard fought for and I won’t be voting for any political party which seeks to give Unionism a helping hand. SF should make it clear to the Unionists where they stand. And if they are not prepared to do so they should then stand aside and let others deliver a United Ireland.

    • kalista63 says:

      Totally agree. There is not one single thing that unionism has given freely. It’s funny that now we have relative numeral equality, unionism starts talking about integrated education when they opposed it for decades.

  9. factual says:

    An integrated society should be a loss to nobody. If you think its a loss to your values, reassess them.

    • kalista63 says:

      Care to name an integrated society?

    • hoboroad says:

      Care to name one thing Unionists gave that wasn’t taken off them Factual? Name one thing. And don’t come on here pretending your a Republican when you parrot the values of the Workers Party a party totally rejected by Northern Nationalists both at the ballot box and everywhere else.

    • kalista63 says:

      You are aware that when unionists say integrated, they mean subsumed? Just remember that the DUP, the most popular unionist party, is actually opposed to the GFA. This is the party to freaks out at little girls collecting for their GAA club, actually objected to the club being built and pulled all strings to do so, object to the Irish language act, supported the debacle outside St Patrick’s and the 3 days of loyalist rioting in Carlisle Circus etc. etc. etc. This is the party that objected to 50/50 police recruitment to the extent that it never even made its minimum level thus damaging trust in the police, backed the flegs protests,even when they were attacking Alliance people’s homes and trying to burn policewomen alive as well as injuring hundreds of he co workers.

      Get a fuppin’ grip!!!

  10. factual says:

    An integrated society – well very few societies need peace walls. THAT is your sign right there that you are far from anywhere near an integrated society. This needs to change. A UI, economic development, and integration, all go hand in hand. We can’t have the former without progress on the latter. Fact.

    • An integrated society is deceptive.
      If we are lured into an integrated society, we are lured into a unionist society.

      There are some nationalists…in both SDLP and Sinn Fein…who hold the view that if thingsare integrated then unionists will see the error of their ways. To be honest I held this view in the run up to the Good Friday Agreement. When Trimble signed upmto an Equality Agenda, I thought “Gotcha”…unionism had signed its own death warrant…because equality and unionism are not compatable.
      Equality is only compatable with Republican values.
      Unionism realises it has made a mistake. And is not pursuing Equality (no Bill of Rights, no Irish Language Act).
      There are of course unionists who believe that an integrated society will convert nationalists to unionists.
      I dont think they are right about that. But Im taking no chances.
      Unionism IS the status quo. And it requires effort to change it.
      An Integrated Society is not the way to go…for nationalists.

      • RJC says:

        Kalista nails it with this comment
        “It’s funny that now we have relative numeral equality, unionism starts talking about integrated education when they opposed it for decades.”

        Unionism is the status quo and Integrated education = Unionist education. With Catholic schools in the North performing so well, perhaps the controlled schools might be better off looking at how best they can replicate their successes, indtead of attempting to dismantle them?

  11. RJC says:

    This G8 related video has been doing the rounds on Twitter – might be of interest here!

  12. hoboroad says:

    Its funny how in England parents will lie in order to get their Children into Catholic Schools. Yet in the Six Counties Catholic parents are forced to pretend they want integrated schools just to keep the powers that be and the chattering classes in Dublin happy. What a strange world we live in.

  13. hoboroad says:

    I see the Belfast Telegraph has issued a correction.

    An online article (‘Protestant-Catholic gap narrows as census results revealed’, posted December 11, 2012) reported on the publication of data from the 2011 Census by the Northern Ireland Statistics Agency and stated that the percentage of Protestants and Catholics in the Northern Ireland population stood at 48% and 45% respectively.
    Protestant-Catholic gap narrows as census results revealed

    We are happy to make clear that this figure in fact referred to the number of respondents raised in the two faith communities, while the figure for practising Protestants and Catholics currently stands at 41% and 40% respectively. Ten per cent of those questioned indicated that they had ‘No religion’. We are happy to clarify the matter.

  14. @Factual,

    Surely you can parse the media-speak and see that “integrated education” is simply code for transforming Irish schoolchildren into British schoolchildren through a process of “de-Irishification”? That is why Unionists love the term so and the concept behind it. They know what it means – why do you not?

    I am strongly opposed to faith-based school of any sort anywhere in the country but that must be approached in the north-east with care. I somewhat agree with Sammy in another post by FJH that maybe SF and the SDLP should take up the cudgel for “shared education” and (as I suggested) advocate a hybrid Irish-British curriculum and see what the reaction from the Unionist establishment would be (let alone the likes of Willie Frazer et al). I suspect it will be a complete non-starter.

    Remember your history. Do you believe the Irish Revolution would have happened without RC schools from the 19th century onwards? Of course it wouldn’t have. Why do you think Pearse and Connolly railed against the education system in Ireland? Do you forget that these exact same argument about British state (“integrated”) education were conducted in Dublin and Cork (and Belfast and Derry) a hundred years ago and more? And with the same POLITICAL objectives from both sides.

    Does Belgium have an integrated education system? No, because the Walloons and Flemish wish to have their own children educated in their own language and identity. There are Danish-speaking schools in northern Germany. Swedish-speaking schools in southern Finland. German-speaking schools in northern Italy. These cater to distinct communities.

    “Integrated education” will not end divisions. It will simply add to them and reinforce the partition of our island-nation. Instead of military checkpoints on the border you will introduce cultural and psychological ones instead.

    The only “integration” I’m interested in is the one between north and south. That is Progressive Republicanism 😉

    • It is not simply historic.
      I went to the same school as Gerry Adams.
      Mary McAleese and Mairead Farrell went to the same school as my sister.
      It really is THAT simple.
      Thats what Unionism wants to destroy.
      We would not let Unionism do that….because its transparent.
      We should not let LetsGetAlongerism do it.
      Integrated Education is a Trojan Horse.

      In fairness youre looking at this thru southern eyes.
      Youve got to trust the Nordies on this one.
      We know what we are talking about.

  15. hoboroad says:

    New poll on my Blog which Town/City would most benefit from housing Intergration?

    • Cultra!!!!
      I voted for Holywood as the place that would benefit from a sudden arrival of working class communities from Gilnahirk, Short Strand…as well as some Filipino, Polish, Nigerian and Portuguese people….some Irish Travellers and a few shelters for abused women and some bail hostels.
      They would of course love that….every LetsGetAlongerist one of them.

  16. hoboroad says:

    Holywood is there I will count it as a vote for Cultra.

    • This comment has overlapped with my edited comment.
      Hooray for Holywood.
      Can you count a Mrs FJH vote for Holywood also (I must emphasise she has her own issues with that place and was not influenced by me)

  17. hoboroad says:

    Ok done. But Bangor could benefit more from a tide of newcomers one Internet savvy Dubliner is not enough!

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