Stuart Hall Jailed

Stuart Hall, for five decades the voice of the BBC in Manchester has been sent to prison for fifteen months for abusing young girls. Now in his eighties,the light sentence reflects his age. Yet it sends out a signal to those celebrities charged with serious offences, the kind of sentence they might expect if found Guilty. Few will shed any tears for the BBC man.

It surely also sends a signal to Journalists charged with serious offences. The Public Mood is always a factor….as it was when Members of Parliament were being hauled before the courts.

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11 Responses to Stuart Hall Jailed

  1. factual says:

    FJH wouldn’t you agree that this lenient sentence is a sign that judges are too old, too male, and too white and too middle class.

    • Judges are all of those things….and often Free Masons.
      The sentence DOES seem light.
      It DOES however seem correct that a person facing court in 2013 is judged by the standards of how the crime was judged in the year of the offence.
      There is also a case to be made that fifteen months represents a considerable percentage of Stuart Halls remaining life.
      I have absolutely no sympathy for him. But there is certainly a possibility that he will die in prison and few tears will be shed.
      There will be a legacy to all this.
      Stuart Hall was certainly part of the Manchester/Cheshire establishment and I would be amazed if his habits were not completely unknown to many in that establishment, including perhaps some of his interests.
      The BBC Inquiry will be interesting.

  2. Oakleaf says:

    For once Factual I agree 100% with. Totally clueless.

  3. Oakleaf says:

    On another note the chair of east Cheshire NSPCC provided a reference for Mr Hall.

  4. Oakleaf says:

    It will be interesting to see if the Labour Lord ….

    TEXT REMOVED JUST TO KEEP ME LEGAL….but yes it will be interesting.

  5. kalista63 says:

    I follow a woman called Dr Tig Calvert who, among others, flashed up that Patricia Macmillan, a volunteer with the NSPCC, spoke up on behalf of Hall

    Whilst the reaction to the NSPCC as a body might have been over the top, it’s astonishing that a representative would stand up for someone who is guilty, by his own admission, of child abuse.

  6. hoboroad says:

    The same useless Judge that sent Stuart Hall down for only 15 months gave another guy 3 years in jail for Social Security fraud. Stealing from the Government is more important than children’s safety to these people.

  7. factual says:

    Fortunately the original sentence has today been struck down, and replaced with one that is doubly long. Still too short, FHJ, still too short.

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