Barak Obama Is No Martin Sheen

Postcard 7I was as pleased as most Europeans with the election of Barak Obama in 2008. I certainly got the whole “History being made” thing. But even then I was realistic enough to know that Obama was going to be President of the United States and would act …as he saw it…in the interests of the United States.

He is not the “Leader of the Free World”. Thats an American myth. He has disappointed many people…liberals and to the left. And worse, he has been a total disappointment to the millions of Americans who actually believed in him in 2008.

So I cannot understand the hero-worship as he lands in Belfast tomorrow. Perhaps Belfast or Dublin are the only places who still think he has star quality. He hasnt. The best American President since World War Two was Martin Sheen.

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27 Responses to Barak Obama Is No Martin Sheen

  1. factual says:

    I think that the role of President Obama in terms of the peace process is that of supporting the GFA and underlining to dissident republicans that their campaign of violence is both futile and morally wrong.

  2. factual says:

    Did you see Eamonn Holmes video report on Sky News in which he returns to his native NI and discusses the impact that G8 is having locally on hopes for peace and the economy? i saw it when visiting my grandad who has Sky News on all the time.

    • factual says:

      Eamonn Holmes stated that the G8 underlined the peace process and to some extent helped to highlight to the world the success of post-GFA NI.

    • No…my wife doesnt like Eamonn Holmes.

      • factual says:

        To be fair Holmes probably deserves a fair degree of praise for having done so well from (presumably) a pretty deprived background as a Catholic north of the border in the pre-GFA era.

      • No hes from the Cavehill Road and went to St Malachys College.
        You are grossly stereotyping Belfast Catholics.
        He was not from a “pretty deprived background”.
        Lazy lazy stereotyping.

  3. bangordub says:

    Mr Fitz, have you not yet realised that the world revolves around Ballymena? The only fleg that matters (according to a certain website) is the union one with the white stripe up at the flagpole end and the ancient stormont regime one. The only fleg worth taking offence at is the green white and orange one or even perhaps that blue one with the golden stars. Shared future? Equality? Parity of esteem? Don’t start me

  4. On a positive note I have got a day off

  5. factual says:

    Interesting to see that SF’s Michelle O’Neill from the NI Executive welcomed the Japanese Prime Minister as he arrived at the Belfast Airport; pretty impresssive that a SF minister gets to welcome the leader of the world’s top economies!

    Hopefully the footage in NI of SF welcoming these major economic figures to the island of Ireland will be shown on RTÉ.

    • Oh for Gods sake….

    • bangordub says:

      Are you serious with that comment? by the way you have gone quiet on my blog, am I in the bad books?

      • Its hard to tell when Factual is being serious.

      • factual says:

        I think you do a good blog bangordub.

        Yes I am serious because there are so many commentators who perceive SF to be weak on economics, against any evidence. These commentators portray SF as an embarrassment.

        Pictures of SF figures welcoming major economic players to an Irish stage North of the Border on RTE can only help offest that image.

    • mekonged says:

      Yes it is good Factual so RTE and the Indo, Irish Times will just ignore it, no way to spin Jerry McCabe into the narrative.

      The clowns down South were born with an ambition deficit. Imagine politicians anywhere else hiding from the possibility that they can justifiably enlarge their state, genuinely unite the two traditions of an inviobale nation that is lucky to inhabit a small island instead of a pockmarked space in the Balkans or Caucasian Range. Cowards who let Sarkozy and gang humiliate them just as Thatcher did a generation before. And who if it wasn’t for the proud diaspora in important American cities would be only an abridgement in the UN, on a par with Kirabati or Palau prostituting their minsicule clout to the whims of Israel etc.

  6. bangordub says:

    Factual, Thanks for that but what evidence is there of SF strength on economics?

    • factual says:

      SF were very critical of the whole Euro monetary set up and the banks and wanted more emphasis on indigenous business; a criticism which turns out to have been vindicated.

      • Factual – SF only started to disagree with the economic policies persued by southern parties in relatively recent times. The strategy pre GFA was based on th eperformance of the Celtic Tiger. It was based on the emergence of a Catholic middle class in the north, a decline in traditional industry in the north and the Celtic tiger on one hand and the growth of the catholic demograph on the other. If you read AP in 2005 for example O’hAdhmail said “divisions within the Unionist community .. reflect a new economic reality means that increasingly many middle and higher class Protestants will see their economic interests lying in an all-Ireland environment” and later went on to say that focus was being placed on the social and cultural aspects of unionism preventing Protestants from wanting an united Ireland. All pish but it shows the lack of understanding of unionism, and the fact that SF do not do economics – they traditionally left that to the big boys. They only really got stuck in when it was obvious that the wheels were coming off the Celtic Tiger and the other plank of their strategy,demographic change being exposed in 2001 unachievable by 2016.

        Suddenly – in the era from 2003 on the gradually changed the discourse to an Ireland of equals, and by the AF off 2007 I knew the game was up when they started to talk about diversity equality and respect. The language of the defeated looking to be treated nicely by their oppressors. They were defeated. No longer 32 counties but and Ireland of equals and this accepted what used to be denied – that this can be achieved within a British state. So now they had to develop an economic policy which allowed for partition to compliment a political settlement within a British state. They have capitulated.

      • factual says:


        The most important aspect of economic policy is monetary. SF alone among major parties opposed the single currency back in the early 1990s. That is just one fact that shows your statement “SF only started to disagree with the economic policies persued by southern parties in relatively recent times” is utterly wrong.

  7. factual says:



  8. Political Tourist says:

    The provos doing big boy economics.
    The rattle of the collecting tin to corporation tax.
    Am i being unfair, they did after all do a good line in northern bank fivers.

  9. Political Tourist says:

    Well somebody stole them.
    And it sure wasn’t Alex Attwood and the gang.

  10. bangordub says:

    I’m starting a “be nice to factual” blog. Why are you deleting her posts?

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