NI21: A Model Party?

With Alliance Internet warriors now attacking NI21 on Slugger O’Toole, I am indebted to “Granni Trixie” , the Boedica of Alliance warrior tribe for the information that NI21s launch was organised by a model agency headed by a model called Cathy Martin. Not so much the knives coming out as the claws coming out. Miaoooow.

In fairness, I have never heard of Cathy Martin or her model agency. Strictly in the interests of research I must google Cathy Martin and her models. In great detail. I do not want to appear ungallant but I was at the launch of NI21 and while there was certainly some nice looking women around, none actually struck me as being “models”.

While Granni wonders on Slugger whether the models will do the “legwork” (is that some kinda Freudian thing?), I was reminded of the first Alliance person I ever saw….outside St Aidans School on Assembly Election Day in June 1973. She was 20ish…..and simply stunning. Stunning. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

I wonder if forty years on ….I wonder if she remembers me fondly….boyish good looks and a natural easy going charm. And my chat up line “if all Alliance people looked like you, I would vote for them”.

Wonder what she is doing now? Contributing to Slugger O’Toole? Surely not.

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13 Responses to NI21: A Model Party?

  1. hoboroad says:

    Is Basil McCrea taking a leaf out of Alan Partridge’s book 40 year old scorchers indeed.

  2. factual says:

    On a serious note, so far Tina McKenzie seems to be a good choice of Party President.

  3. hoboroad says:

    I take it Tina with her interest in Economic issues effecting the wee Six will be callling on the Treasury in London to release the actual figures reguarding how much people in the North pay in taxes? And how much they receive back in money going into education and health care and social security etc.

    • I kept staring at Tina and thinking I know her from somewhere.
      Apparently she has lived in England and in other parts of the world and is a businesswoman.
      But I have definitely met her somewhere “non-political”.
      And it has been bugging me.

  4. factual says:

    Perhaps you dated her FJH?

  5. hoboroad says:

    Tina McKenzie is the daughter of Harry Fitzsimons a convicted IRA bomber according to the Sunday World.

    • I bought Sunday World. Im not sure that they made the most of the story as they did not get any quotes from her. “Can you comment on….”
      So Im not sure what my reaction is to the story.
      Six weeks ago, I heard her speak at the NI21 launch. I wasnt totally sure what to make of her as I was not entirely convinced by the “just a wee girl from West Belfast who took no interest in politics”
      Not least because she revealed that she had lived in several parts of the world including England. A business-woman.
      The biography as revealed by her suggested that she was atypical rather than typical. For a nationalist-republican like myself this was actually reassuring as it was not evidence of a groundswell of wee girls from West Belfast who were going to rush out and join NI21.
      Its always re-assuring when the unicorns turn out to “special cases” like the West Belfast born Catholic who was a producer for Top Gear or whatever. Or “Sir” John Gorman, the public school educated catholic Unionist.
      At one level I am inclined to think that the story should have no real relevance. The Sins of the Fathers so to speak.
      And most reasonable people would have seen no connexion between Conor Murphy and his fraudulent film producer neice. Yet another message board ran a thread on that.
      As I recall, they have already made reference to the arrest of Mr Fitzsimmons. Fairness would dictate that they mention that his daughter is a politician. But on the other hand that message-board is more likely to run a story damaging to Sinn Fein than NI21.
      And didnt the absentee editor of that message board defend the (over) use of “Gerry Adams, Steward of The Baronry of Northstead” by his more enthusiastic cohorts on the grounds that it is TRUE.
      Therefore in the interests of consistency any poster on Slugger who referred to Tina as “the daughter of Harry” would clearly escape the absentee referees yellow and red cards because the statement is TRUE.
      But I think it begs four questions.
      1….as Tina introduced herself would it actually have helped her and NI21 case if she had mentioned this…evidence of the even longer journey she made.
      2…. What is the relationship between father and daughter? Sunday World seem to have made no attempt to find out. Clearly if Ms McKenzie is estranged from her daddy, then thats relevant.
      3….Did Basil and John know about this aspect of Tinas personal history. If she told them about a potential skeleton in her background, were they wise to put her up as the face of the new party.
      4….most intriguing of all.How did the Sunday World get the story? Cui bono? Who benefits? Who wants NI21 strangled at birth.

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