Platform For Change Event: Coherent Education

Those of you with an interest in “Coherent Education” might like to attend a Platform for Change event at the Holiday Inn, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast. Date: Monday 24th June 2013. Time: 7.30pm.

Even if Education is of no interest, you might look to go and see what LetsGetAlongerists look like.

During the course of the evening they might want to mention that opinion polls state 79% of Norn Iron want some form of Integrated Education. But they might forget to mention that only 1.3% of the voters in Mid Ulster voted for a Party (Alliance) that advocates Integtrated Education.

Not that the Mid Ulster vote will worry Platform for Change. They probably dont know where Mid Ulster is.

I base this on the fact that Platform for Change conducted a survey on which constituencies their members lived. Very few lived in the West. Now aint that a surprise?

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