It’s Not Like This In James Bond Movies

The present fuss over Internet usage being monitored by assorted spooks is one which should cause people of a certain age (my age) in Norn Iron to smile. There was always an assumption that our phone was tapped. It was one of only two in the street and one of the few in the area. It would have been in the interests of the British to tap phones…and whether they did so…legally or illegally …who really knows?

But say in the situation where there had been a gun battle and the British Army believed they had shot and wounded a gunman…it would surely have been at least logical to have the handful of phones in the area monitored to listen out for a phone call to a doctorWe assumed strange things…for example…RUC men wore black shoes. Therefore….logically ????….Special Branch when undercover must be wearing brown shoes. A whole generation of Falls Road men grew up with stooped posture as we scrutinised the footwear of strangers who were over 5ft 8 inches.

I suspect that Internet traffic is not monitored nearly so much as paranoid people think…and probably a little more than government ministers in United States or Britain tell us. They are not lying, merely making sure that they dont get involved in the minutae of how Security Services have operated.

My only known encounter with spooks happened in London. An amusing incident during an industrial dispute. But why are British people so surprised that interner conversations might be monitored. Britain employs thousands of spooks …mostly in London and Cheltenham. What exactly is it that the British people THINK they do?

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3 Responses to It’s Not Like This In James Bond Movies

  1. bangordub says:

    “Britain employs thousands of spooks …mostly in London and Cheltenham”,
    and Holywood

  2. Political Tourist says:

    Beware of all informers lurking in our midst
    Using their private telephones to inform the Brits

    Still laugh at that ditty all these years later.

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