I was sitting on a bus today when I noticed an advertisement for NICIE….the Norn Iron Council for Integrated Education.  Simple enough advert…three photogenic children and a contact number to phone to find the addresses of Integrated Schools in the area.

Slightly uncomfortable feeling. An advert for integrated education….it is now so much. Prt of the new narrative that it is hardly noticed. We dare not say that this is…POLITICAL. Would Translink the bus company, feel comfortable allowing an advert for Catholic Education? And if such an advert was produced would the massed ranks of letsgetalongerists tolerate it?

On the subject of Education, I started Catholic Grammar School fifty years ago this year? The most famous alumnus was Cardinal William Conway who was awarded his red hat when I was at the school. And who would have guessed that Gerry Adams, who is three years older than me would grow up to be…..Gerry Adams. Or that Belfast’s newest Mayor would be a past pupil. Congratulations Mairtin O’ Muilleoir.

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8 Responses to Not So NICIE

  1. factual says:

    Catholic grammar schools advertise at the same time as putting ad-notices regarding transfer test times and venues in local newspapers; Sinn Féin’s John O’Dowd has rightly complained about this marketing aspect.

    Have you read any of Gerry Adams’s books – they are very well written a skill he shares with you and Mairtin. So your school can be proud to have produced 3 such writers. Gerry Adams talks in the autobio book “Before the Dawn” about how his first “fumbling” was with protestant girls from the Shankill, and how he grew up in poverty.

  2. Political Tourist says:

    Gerry Adams isn’t a working class hero then.

  3. Political Tourist says:

    How integrated is integrated schooling.
    What’s the difference between an integrated school and say a state secondary school in say Newtonards.

    • Well exactly….or in Crossmaglen.
      Or fee paying schools in East Belfast and North Down.
      It always strikes me as odd that people who want integrated education see no problem with excluding working class kids from school.
      Integrated Education cant work alongside segregated Housing.
      It is social engineering by LetsGetAlongerists.
      In a week or so there is a Platform for Change event on Education.
      I will post details later.

  4. Political Tourist says:

    Take it comprehensive schools never took off in Northern Ireland.

    • There are a few.
      In North Armagh, only a minority of kids take the 11 Plus.
      At 11, kids go to Junior High Schools…but there is a significant number who take the bus or Banbridge Academy, Royal School Armagh, St Pyatricks Armagh, Sacred Heart, Newry, St Colmans Newry and Wallace High Schoolin Lisburn. Some even travel to Rathmore in Belfast.

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