Bloggers In Arms …#1 FitzjamesHorse

Good to see so many pan-nationalist bloggers out there. Hopefully some of the Word Press Gang will introduce themselves here.

This is Fitzjames Horse.


FJH is 60 years old, retired and an occasional member of SDLP. He is a socialist, republican, nationalist and civil rights supporter. An opponent of the undemocratic Alliance Party and LetsGetAlongerism in general.

FJH is interested in History…especially the Jacobite period and enjoys walking around battlefields.He collects Toy Soldiers, Postcards, Irish Stamps, Football Programmes and Autographs.

Born in West Belfast, he now does missionary work in County Armagh. He is married over thirty years, has two sons, two daughters-in-law and three surviving grandchildren.

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6 Responses to Bloggers In Arms …#1 FitzjamesHorse

  1. bangordub says:

    Weh Hey !
    The horses are back and looking good 🙂

    • A bit too big maybe. Might try and geta new pic taken later before my 5 year old grandson shows up. He has a weird idea that toys should be played with. Unusually for me these are METAL figures. They were also factory-painted but I customised them …with FJH uniform, cavalry standard, and each trooper and horse has been personalised. One trooper has a facial scar and another has a beard (the wonders of blue-tak).
      Might actually do a little Wild Geese montage of pics for the Fontenoy anniversary next week.

      • MPG ..... says:

        You must have visited the Prince August factory in Kilnamartra (near Macroom) so.
        If not, you need to!

      • Two or three times.
        I have never actually tried to make them as it is time consuming and expensive.
        They do a range of Wild Geese figures which are actually 40mm and “flat”.
        So they are not compatible with standard toy soldiers. …which are 54mm 1:32 scale. Of course this can vary a little with manufacturer.
        The figures in the photograph are metal…unusually for me as i collect plastic which i then paint up. These figures were made by Del Prado…and were originally Marlboroughs cavalry from Blenheim 1704. They were sold with a fortnightly magazine. …you know the kinda thing…low price for the first issue and a fortune for part 2 etc.
        Luckily these were with the first issue and cost about £2.99 each so I bought ten initially and hve added individual figures from collectors fairs and ebay since then but they tend to be over-priced at £6.
        There are now 18 of them and I have personalised them with different hair colour, Fjh uniform and the horses are now different.
        A “troop” (cavalry company) varies in number from about 25 to 33 and the French “controles ” (inspection) show twelve “troops” of FJH. …named as was customary for the Captain of the Troop. The controles make interesting reading because they actually name all the troopers and their birthplaces as well as physical descriptions and ages….and on occasions their enlistment date and fate.
        By 1738 the last inspection before 1745, about 80% were Irish born. The ages are a bit approximate as different ages are given for different inspection dates. Ie someone described as 21 in 1738 is still only 25 in 1748 when the regiment was re-organised after Fontenoy and Culloden. But the curious thing are descriptions like “sabre scar” or “marked by pox” or “a croite” (still growing) which got round height restrictions for cavalry.
        I have another ten action cavalry plastic figures.
        All will be revealed on 11th May.

  2. Try resizing it in photoshop or some other photo editor?

  3. In the spirit of the post:

    Militant Gael, Celtic Nationalist, Progressive Republican, environmentalist, centre-left social-democrat, socially liberal, an atheist with spiritual leanings of a Celtic kind, disciple of An Piarsach with elements of Connolly and Davis, follower of Máirtín Ó Cadhain, Peadar Ó Domhnaill and Earnán Ó Maille.

    Lover of indigenous Irish and Celtic mythology and folklore, history, archaeology, architecture, art, photography, technology, Sci-Fi and Geek culture in general and very, very fast cars. Writes bad fiction, worse poetry, draws passable pictures but awful with a paint brush, prefers Linux to Windows, has a habit of rooting old Android phones, known to do power-slides and handbreak turns.

    Born Baile Átha Cliath, raised in the rolling sandunes and leafy suburbs of Port Mearnóg and Mullach Íde, no wives, no kids – too many girlfriends 😉

    “Is í slánú na Gaeilge athghabháil na hÉireann agus is í athghabháil na hÉireann slánú na Gaeilge!”

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