BBC Man Stuart Hall Guilty Of Sex Abuse

So……Jimmy Saville was not the only rogue BBC man. Stuart Hall aged 83 the TV presenter and sports reporter and a big BBC man up in the Manchester area will be sentenced next month for sex abuse. The abuse goes back years and although he was loudly protesting his innocence as recently as February……he pleaded guilty in court today.

But the thought occurs that pleading guilty….eventually… and being 83 years old and with the usual “remorseful, broken man, advanced age” mitigation likely to be presented……that could be enough to keep the Manchester City fan out of jail.

I must be frank…I never really liked him. But should he claim “mercy” in respect of his age when he took little notice of the fact that one of the little girls he abused was just 9 years old?

I wonder about the protocol of mentioning that he is a Manchester City fan. He has always been quite open about it. But I take my cue from websites which would mention….and even on occasions dwell on ….the fact that convicted criminals or merely those charged with offences…have connexions to a political party.

I am sure those websites have no agenda for or against a political party and would seek to make political capital out of it. In the same way, I….a Manchester United fan….have no anti Manchester City agenda.

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20 Responses to BBC Man Stuart Hall Guilty Of Sex Abuse

  1. If this is meant to be a joke it is one in very poor taste. Hall is frighteningly typical of some classes of sex offenders using his power and status over the vulnerable.

    His acknowledgment that his ‘shame is complete’ betrays not thought or feeling for the children who’s lives he ruined.

    There’s a lesson here and it is that people like him get away with it because they think they can put the child in such a position fear and powerless that it takes years (and a lifetime) to bring him to justice.

    He won’t be the last to be caught. Others would be certinaly caught sooner if we were quicker to follow through on serious complaints at the start, and did not treat the issue as though it were some kind of joke:

    Shame on you Fitzy!!

    • Oh wind your neck in Mick….and put the high horse back in its stable.
      Your friends are pretty damn quick off the mark to do the whole guilt by association thing.
      Abuse in case you dont know is said to affect one in five women and girls.
      Given that we all have one mother, two grandmothers, one wife,….probably some aunts, daughters, cousins, neices, grandddaughters, mistresses, girlfriends, co-workers, friends……How many women do we actually know and care for.?
      More than five? Less than five?
      Id guess that the number often exceeds forty.
      The balance of probability is that ….probably unknowingly….there are people in all our lives that have been affected in this kinda way.
      And the even worse thought is that it could happen at some future date.
      Now that should scare us all….it should scare every man.
      And good to see Stuart Hall convicted. And even better to see him locked up ( but Id not hold my breath).
      No definitely NOT funny.
      Dont the BBC even employ journalists who could have investigated him…or Saville?
      Not funny at all.
      Dont journalists notice what goes on it their own newsrooms? Did they not even know that their colleagues indulged in phone hacking?
      No…it was one rogue reporter wasnt it?
      And one rogue BBC man…Jimmy Saville?
      Wasnt it?
      Nothing to see here.
      Lets move along.
      Manchester City? Well he is a fan…and its totally irrelevant to child abuse. Of course it is.
      Rather like Conor Murphy being the uncle of a convicted fraudster might be a bit irrelevant.
      Alas when your independent weblog reported that story, you didnt put a saddle on your high horse and talk about bad taste.
      No child abuse is NOT funny Mick.
      But your double standards on fair play are.
      Oh talking of Double Standards…any progress on the James Kelly obituary?

  2. James says:

    Where’s joke? Deliberate misunderstanding of context Mick?

  3. Political Tourist says:

    Does anybody else think these characters all know/knew each other.
    That’s three so far from Corrie.

    • Three? I think there is only two.
      And of course they are innocent.
      In one case, it only involves one alleged victim at one time frame.
      The other case is decades ago.
      Everything will come out in court.

  4. Political Tourist says:

    Len Fairclough, Kevin Webster and Ken Barlow.

    • Len…Peter Adamson was also innocent. Swimming pool incident. He was teaching young kids to swim.
      He was allegedly tricked into confessing to a tabloid journalist years later.
      He was never regarded as a national treasure…and few in the cast actually spoke to him. Success and its trappings had gone to his head and he had been suspected of selling stories about his co-stars to the Sunday papers. Technically it was this that got him sacked.
      But the message was clearly out that he would “never work in this town again”
      He was often in the tabloids….” I spent thousands on drink” kinda stories.
      And often on the Z List Celebrity Chat Show circuit.
      He was on the unlamented Friday night Kelly Show….which happened to be on the same night as Children in Need or Comic Relief.
      That same afternoon, I had seen him several times sitting on chair at Donegall Place-Castle Lane where Clinton Cards is and he had a plastic bucket collecting for the charity.
      He had actually been given the worst exit from Corrie.
      He had not been on screen for ages.
      Then all of a sudden “Rita” got news that he had been killed in a car crash…coming home from the house of his mistress. There had never been any mention of a mistress in any story -line before…it was to emphasise the actors betrayal of his co-stars.
      I really do know far too much about Corrie.

      By the way we both forgot Craig Charles from Corrie was also innocent of charges in his Red Dwarf days.

  5. hoboroad says:

    What about the actor who played Bert Tilsley in Corrie?

  6. Political Tourist says:

    I thought Manchester United big match rivals were Liverpool.
    Or has that changed since Man City came into money.

    • I think the rivalry is as much between the cities as the football teams.
      The irony is that Liverpool FC was one of only two clubs who offered support to United after Munich.
      Liverpool only got promoted into the old first division in the early 1960s…really the rivalry coincided with football hooliganism…United (bad) Liverpool (who gave themselves the repuration of being the best) Leeds, Chelsea (the worst), Everton, Spurs, City….Arsenal were poor at that stage.
      The first game I ever saw was ironically at Leeds v United at Elland Road. …there was bad crowd trouble Jan 1969.
      But United last won the title in 1967 and even dropped into Second Division in early 1970s.
      I think the rivalry was worse in 1970 s 1980s…Liverpool dominated football but never had Uniteds crowds…and the wider support. But oddly United could win the odd Cup.
      I think 1967 was Uniteds 8th title and that equalled Arsenal…I think.
      For a United fan of my age it was pretty depressing. When Liverpool reached 18, I didnt think that I would ever see United pass that.
      But 2013 is the twentieth.
      I think United versus City is very much a Manchester thing.

  7. Political Tourist says:

    Can still see Dennis Law scoring that goal for Man City all those years ago.

  8. Political Tourist says:

    Vaguely remember the Dennis Law goal not being the one that sent Manchester United down into the old second division.
    Was curious so i googled it.
    Right enough FJH, a Birmingham City result sealed Manchester United’s fate.
    Even if the Red Devils had won it wouldn’t have been enough.
    Didn’t realise Dennis Law played for City twice.

    • Sigh..I remember the first time he played for City.
      I vaguely remember him at Huddersfield.
      Then City.
      Then Italy…there was a time when GReaves, Baker went to Italy. Never settled.
      John Chales Leeds went,…he stayed years.
      An Gery Hitchens of Aston Villa.

  9. hoboroad says:

    Speaking of the BBC and football I see that Glasgow Rangers FC has banned the BBC from Ibrox and Murray Park. Isn’t terrible when old friends fall out.

  10. hoboroad says:

    That would be terrible FJH we would all miss out on a big day out.After all the twelfth belongs to us all as one internet sage pointed out only recently.

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