UKIP : Send In The Clones.

There is…or at least WAS…something far too cosy about British electoral politics. Seasoned election watchers like myself will recall Richard Dimbleby, David Butler the psephologist and Professor Robert McKenzie and his swingometer on BBC Election nights in 1964, 1966, 1970, 1974(twice) and so on long past the deaths of Dimbleby and McKenzie.

It was all very civilised. The Conservatives had the shires…the rural vote And the commuter vote. Labour had the industrial North, Scotland and Wales…and there was a battleground in county twons such as Carlisle and Peterborough, the Midlands and the posher parts of big cities.

Liberals were confined to the west country and the “celtic fringe”. Scotland and Wales supplied a few nationalists and Norn Iron was just an embarrasing footnote to it all. Indeed Politics was stable thatMcKenzies homemade swingometer merely measured the swing betwen two parties. Realistically it only coped with a two -party system.

But there WAS the Monday Club. A Party within the Conservative Party. Elitist and frankly border line racist….it was formed around 1962 as a Tory reaction to the End of Empire. Particuarly in Africa. Monday Clubbers did the whole kith and kin in Rhodesia ” Good old Smithy…one of us” and of course pro-South Africa. And of course extremely pro-Union.

Indeed Bill Craig the Vanguard Unionist MP for East Belfast was a member. So an unlovely bunch which included Colin “Mad Mitch” Mitchell MP, Rhodes Boyson MP, Teddy Taylor MP, Jill Knight MP, Norman Tebbitt MP, Alan Clark MP were all members. Enoch Powell MP was their guru but he always said he was never actually a member.

Some time in the 1970s the name faded. But not exactly the attitude. Eejits like Andrew Hunter the Tory who joined the DUP and Orange Order ws close to their thinking. As was Teresa Gorman MP and  Harvey Proctor MP. Clearly too right wing to make the Cabinet (Tebbitt and Clark did of course make it) but even Margaret Thatcher knew the Monday Club was far too extreme to be allowed anywhere near real power. A lightening rod to draw the “why oh why…”votes.

Of course to be pro-Empire or more respectably pro-Commonwealth is to be anti-Europe. Of course there is a strong anti-Europe element within the Conservative Party but the leadership is wedded to Europe and merely use anti-European rhetoric to keep their Europhobe back benchers on board.

It is increasingly difficult for the Tories to pull off the trick. Since 2010, the Conservative Party has been in coalition government with the pro-European Liberal Democrats…this means that the Tories cannot really implement a truly Tory agenda.

Enter the United Kingdom Independence Party….who yesterday became the second largest party in the county council elections. Although not having a MP at Westminster, UKIP is firmly established in European and now County Councils, UKIP has at least given itself a platform.

Can anyone name more than two members of the UKIP Party? Nigel Farage MEP and Paul Nuttall and er….thats it. Can that really be a platform to get seats in Westminster? UKIP has two household name  (Farage) and no policies.

Is that entirely fair? No Policies? Well they want out of Europe. They want Immigration stopped? They are anti-Big Government. So is it just a protest? Are they serious? Should they be taken seriously? Are they clowns and fruit cakes and even closet racists?

It is certainly possible to be concerned about Migration, without being racist. The problem is that racists are attracted to one side of the debate. It is certainly possible to be concerned about Europe and not be xenophobic but it does attract xenophobes to one side of that debate. But is it possible to believe it “small government” without adopting a libertarian, selfish agenda? I doubt that.

I quite like Nigel Farage. He doesnt take himself too seriously Which makes him immune to the jibes of the political Establishment. Despite his Party having more than a fair share of certifiable lunatics and having questionable politics, Farage is a genial buffoon…the inappropriate uncle you meet at a family wedding. But his very lack of professionalism is endearing. Politics is too professional. And the next two years will see the Establishment…the three parties and the media rally against UKIP.

The Tories have much more to worry about with UKIP. They might not win Westminster seats but they will certainly take more Tory votes than Labour votes. Which is good news for socialists. And UKIP is essentially a glorified ENGLISH Party which will have no effect in Scotland and Wales…except to irritate Scots and Welsh people. And thats good news for nationalists. It is only logical that Irish nationalists like myself are supportive of nationalism in Scotland and Wales.

But more importantly UKIP de-stabalises UK politics….and thats just….enjoyable.

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46 Responses to UKIP : Send In The Clones.

  1. factual says:

    Puts a spring in David McNarry’s step.

  2. Political Tourist says:

    My only worry is we end up in a few years time with the union still intact and Team UK out of Europe.
    That would be a massive lurch to the Right.
    A bunch of right-wingers running Westminster.
    The unionists would love that.
    Your man Farage comes across as reasonable but the truth is every right-wing crank in England will be signing up with them.
    Could see this getting nasty.

    • I dont think Id predict anything.
      There is no good news anywhere. And ultimately governments need good news.
      Whatever happens wont be in isolation from world events…there is just more bad news in Afghanistan…and I think theres a global crisis out there waiting to happen…maybe India-Pakistan….or Spain or Italy imploding.
      Is it the 1930s again???

    • factual says:

      They have no MPs PT. They are still considered unlikely to get any. The SDP got MPs in by-elections and they couldn’t translate at General Elections.

      • True… The SDP also had defections, mostly from Labour….who lost seats at thenext General General Election. But they severely damaged Labour in the process.
        Tory defections might happen before 2015.

  3. factual says:

    They are calling for people to stand in NI for council elections next yr:

    A battle royal between them, the DUP, UUP, TUV, and the NI tories?

  4. bangordub says:

    Excellent article, I am particularly interested in the Monday Club. As far as nutjob parties standing in the north eastern six counties are concerned, the more the merrier !

    • Farage interests me because he has Thatcherite written all over him.
      UKIP can bring out the Alf Garnett vote…blue collar Tories.
      The key thing is that there is another round of councils to be decided AND european elections BEFORE the next Westminster elections.
      UKIP will use that.
      the Monday Club was essentially imperialist….and at that time a wing of the Tory Party could be borderline racist and just be thought a bit eccentric. By the 1980s racism had been driven underground….but under the guise of genuine concern about Europe and Migration, it is making a comeback.
      And I notice that Norman Tebbitt is on the BBC News as I speak…and followed by Theresa May, who as Chair of the Conservative Party once said that they were reputed to be the Nasty Party.

  5. factual says:

    I think TUV and UKIP have a close and friendly relationship. I think they will field a single candidate in the Euros next year, and I think they could actually do very well.

  6. Political Tourist says:

    I thought UKIP was the love child of the Referendum Party.
    Seems they have no connection other than wanting the Tory Party to move to the far-right.
    Wonder if the UKIP membership list will end up on the “net”.

    • It would be interesting.
      But any police etc would be unlikely to lose jobs…they arent the BNP.
      But this is the thing that really intrigues me…that cosy 1950s 1960s 1970s cosiness has been well and truly shattered.
      And we cant see the effects for about a decade.
      Consider that a teacher in England COULD lose a job thru being in BNP….but a teacher in Norn Iron couldnt lose a job thru being in DUP or TUV or Sinn Fein or Orange Order.
      Im not saying that one is right or wrong …just that the English Establishment would look down on our politics…and there are even people here who want British politics over here.

      British politics is now fractured and extreme.

    • Interesting that you mention the Referendum Party.
      James Goldsmith the leading light in it had been a Monday Clubber.

      • hoboroad says:

        The Referendum Party also had the support of Lord Tonypandy the former speaker of the House Of Commons and according to his former colleague Leo Abse a victim of homosexual blackmail.

      • I remember George Thomas.
        He was an obnoxious person.

    • factual says:

      I don’t think UKIP are “FAR” right.

      • factual says:

        There is actually a lot of people (and SF agree in this sense) that think that the EU has went too far.

  7. Political Tourist says:

    You’d see just how far-right UKIP if they ever got power.
    There just a better packaged version of the BNP.
    Just a nasty bunch of Little Englanders for all Farage might come across as a smooth talking nice guy. Make no mistake he belongs to the minimum wage costs jobs brigade.

    • Oh I think thats true.
      The Europe and Migration issues are issues which are a genuine debate and racists get involved on one side of that. But I wouldnt NECESSSRILY say UKIP is racist…they atrract racists.
      On the other hand they are LIBERTARIAN…and I regard Libertarianism as a very dangerous philosophy. It is totally selfish and indeed Thatcherite.

  8. hoboroad says:

    They are racist and right wing according to Alan Sked the parties founder. In fact Alan Sked seems to be the parties greatest critic. As for libertarians not just selfish but total hypocrites as far as I can see. But if UKIP have Libertarian views which Libertarian views do they have? Legalize all hard drugs and prostitution. No gun laws at all. Libertarians are also opposed to any form of censorship which leads to some interesting debates regarding child pornography. And Ayn Rand had very pro abortion views.

    • Their stance against political correctness and health and safety are essentially fig leafs for libertarian selfishness. Not to mention smoking in bars.Thatchers Children in the sense that they dont believe in Society.
      Racism is not nearly as overt as it was. But arguably that makes it more dangerous.
      The position is that IN ITSELF there is room for discussion on SOME of the issues UKIP raises but almost impossible to have that discussion without involving Race.

  9. hoboroad says:

    Tory Euro MP Sajjad Karim has resurrected old claims against UKIP leader Nigel Farage. It is alleged by UKIP founder Alan Sked that Farage used the n-word in a private conversation with him.

    In a Facebook post Karim, who used to be a Lib Dem MEP before he defected to the Conservatives, quotes Sked who claims Farage told him: “We will never win the nigger vote. The nig-nogs will never vote for us.”

  10. hoboroad says:

    Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow was a member of the Monday Club in the early 1980’s. He was also the last Chairman of the Federation of Conservative Students. It was disbanded for it’s extremism.

    • He was indeed.
      In early incarnation, he was a nasty piece of work.
      Just shws the effect of the love of a good woman.
      Bercows severest critics are right wing Tories.
      The suggestion is that several years ago he adopted a position to advance his career and has adopted a different position now.

  11. hoboroad says:

    I think Farage is far to clever to be caught on camera making openly racist remarks which makes him far more dangerous than the BNP. Whose members have been caught making racist remarks on camera.

  12. oakleaf says:

    The Monday Club has been mentioned lots recently with connections to Elm guest house and operation fernbridge. Will be interesting if the truth ever comes out.

  13. hoboroad says:

    Some of the names mentioned in regards the Elm Guest House are unlikely to be members of the Monday Club. Several are said to be Jewish. I believe at least one of them is black. Mr Savile ran something called the Friday Morning Club from his flat in Leeds which was attended by several senior police officers.

  14. hoboroad says:

    2 Former Cabinet Ministers
    2 Pop Stars
    4 Tory MP’s 2 Labour MP’s 1 Liberal MP
    Several MI5 officers

  15. hoboroad says:

    They say a senior SF figure and a far right activist. As well as some people who work in royal palaces.

  16. I am not sure that you are correct about the Far Right and the EU. It has been legislating for us ever since we went into the wretched thing, both in the European Parliament or in the predecessor European Assembly, and in the coalitions represented in the Council of Ministers.

    Those coalitions might nominally be single parties: off to Brussels in the Thatcher and, to a lesser extent, Major years trooped Ministers who were members of the Western Goals Institute or the Monday Club, with their crossover, via things like the League of Saint George, to overt neo-Nazism on the Continent, to the Ku Klux Klan, to apartheid South Africa, to Ian Smith’s Rhodesia, to the juntas of Latin America, to Marcos and Suharto, to the Duvaliers, and so forth.

    For that matter, the Cabinet Minister who took us in under Heath, Geoffrey Rippon, was a Monday Club stalwart. “Europe a Nation” was Mosley’s slogan, and the whole idea’s affinity with Fascism could not be more obvious.

    • This is actually very important.
      I cant imagine anyone more likely to rub Scots up the wrong way than a stereotypical Englishman like Nigel Farage.
      Nigel is the kinda Englishman who gives the impression that England “owns” Scotland. And his very presence should add votes to the Nationalist campaign.
      The extent to which student nationalists turn off the undecided voters by shouting “anti-British slogans” at the Monty Python Upper Class Twit Of The Year is equally interesting.

      But consider this…”anti-British slogans” is now part of the political discourse in Scotland. Thats a WIN-WIN for Nationalists. It COULD lead to Independence. But just as importantly it confirms that the ” United Kingdom” is de-stabled.

  17. Political Tourist says:

    Not very often you’d get me praising my cousins in “Old Reekie” but on this occasion, Edinburgh your a Star.

  18. hoboroad says:

    Farage hangs up phone during BBC Radio Scotland interview.

  19. hoboroad says:

    Nigel Farage has accused SNP supporters of being fascist scum. Fascism is when Big Business gets into bed with Big Government. What evidence has Nigel got that this has happened in Scotland under the SNP. None what so ever. So Nigel is wrong on that one. Some of the biggest supporters of the UK leaving the EU work in the City of London. They don’t like regulation at all and that’s why they don’t like the EU. Another thing those in the City oppose is a cap on there bonus money. One serious media commentator Simon Jenkins recently argued that London should leave both the EU and the UK. As he believes London has more in common with New York than Paris. And London’s two major employers are finance and leisure. He also says and I quote:

    “Europe has not worked as a political construct. But nor has the United Kingdom. Most of Ireland has long gone. Scotland is girding its loins to go. Wales and Northern Ireland are special cases, but are winning progressively more autonomy. One day their representation at Westminster will be diminished.”

    I think what Simon is calling for should be discussed more. If London wants to leave the UK and EU it should be put to a referendum.

    • In Dublin for a few days in August, I was struck by how detached Dublin metropolitans are from ordinary Irish prople.
      And the metrotextuals in South East Belfast/North Down are effectively a different breed …or think they are….from the rest of Norn Iron.
      Farage in Scotland is a joke.
      And UKIP in Norn Iron are a joke…despite Mick Fealtys attempt to build them up on Slugger O’ Toole.
      All they have here is one popular local councillor. And a defection from the UUP…a man too right wing even for the UUP.
      UKIP are friendly with TUV and Farage calls SNP “fascist scum”.

  20. hoboroad says:

    Ukip’s leader of Lincs Council Chris Pain, the party’s East Midlands regional chairman, wrote on facebook “Have you noticed that if you ­rearrange the letters in ‘illegal ­immigrants’, and add just a few more letters, it spells, ‘Go home you free-loading, benefit-grabbing, resource-sucking, baby-making, non-English-speaking ********* and take those other hairy-faced, sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding, goat-********, raghead ******** with you.’”

    And UKIP are a anti-racist party LOL.

    • Racism is never far below the surface with UKIP…in part it is the fact they are new to having the spotlight put upon them.
      Other politicians in other parties have been in the public eye so long that they dont put their feet in it so much.

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