Box Car Willie And Johnny Cash

Pure Americana. A train whistle sounds and a freight train goes past this house. I love it!

As the great Box Car Willie put it “I love the Sound of a whistle”. Everytime I hear it, I think Johnny Cash is gonna start singing “Orange Blossom Special”.

Almost impossible to hear these trains and not get a sudden urge to jump the “third boxcar…midnight train…..destination Bangor Maine”.

Theres a gal out there from Texas. She’s long and she’s tall. She’s the combination on the Wabash Cannonball.

Woo Hoo.

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3 Responses to Box Car Willie And Johnny Cash

  1. James says:

    Be sure to rescue any ladies tied to the tracks

  2. MPG ..... says:


  3. pippakin says:

    Live the dream FJH.

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