Hi From The Lone Star State

Howdy…just an update on how I am doing here.

Its now 6am Texas time (noon Irish time) on Thursday. I arrived here on Monday evening. The real work starts today. Monday evening was just about settling in.

Tusday was out and about. San Marcos is about thirty miles from Austin, the State capital.  In fact those of you who like Country Rock music wilbe realise that I am living the lyrics of a Steve Earle song….I’m just outta Austin bound for San Antone.

This is South Texas, the liberal part of the State. In part because San Marcos is a “college” town. The Campus dominates the town. Lyndon B Johnson went here. And I will be in the Johnson Museum later today.

Tuesday we had lunch…fish n chips in the city’s Irish Bar. Fish and Chips. Met up wiso friends on Tuesday night.

Yesterday was my first day on the campus. Two reactions to just about everything I saw. “exactly like Queens” “totally different from Queens” The cluster of churches/religious centres just off the official campus is a reminder of Elmwood Avenue. The “Old Main” Building …I’ve not seen yet up close is currently being renovated and there are much more modern buildings on site. It is simply beautiful.

There are about twenty five stalls run by students. Raising money for causes…selling Tshirts, juice etc. The Colleges Republicans are celebrating Ronald Reagans birthday. And Wells Fargo bank gave me some freebies…..

Lunch at International House of Pancakes with two friends. A bit of craic with the waitress….SHE tipped ME. Or maybe it was a bribe to make sure I never go back.

More craic last night. …my friends made tacos.

So now almost 7am….Time to hit the road.

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4 Responses to Hi From The Lone Star State

  1. hoboroad says:

    Some good news from the Six Counties for you according to a recent opinion poll conducted on behalf of the BBC the SDLP are on 18.6% of the vote.

    • Thanks for this Hobo.
      I note that a certain other website has been a bit grudging “good news for downward looking stoops” Shame on ya Mick 😉
      I don’t like opinion polls. it’s like the old clapometer on Hughie Greens Oportunity Knocks programme. It’s just for fun and “remember folks it’s your votes at home that count”
      An observation is that it looks very much in line with Census figures.
      The importance is not the figures …but rather it SHOULD change the prevailing narrative that SDLP are “finished”.
      But of course that would only happen if broadcasters,journalists and bloggers were not pushing their own agenda.
      My observation based on 2012 is that SDLP is still”in the game” . No more. No less.

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