Oh My God! They Moved Ellis Island

Texas…5.15am….11.15am there.

Heard its snowing there. I arrived here 6pm in temps of 74 degrees. Not sure of threats Fahrenheit or Centigrade….as the number is strange to me. The most noticeable thing was just how BROWN the grass is. I have a sore throat from talking too much and a everyone who has had to listen to me has sore ears.

I feel like I am in a Country Music song. A good one. One of my favourite songs is “Guitar Town” Steve Earle. So last night I was “just outta Austin, bound foo San Antone”,

But actualy the strangest thing about yesterday was the Departmment of Homeland Security people…in Dublin Airport. Wasn’t really expecting that degree of scrutiny BEFORE I left Ireland.

Basically the general security for al travellers was that whole ” take off our shoes, take off your belt” thing.which I was expecting. But then you go into the Department of Homeland Security and it is massive. Not sure of its diplomatic staTus but certAinly they were acting like they owned the place. Or At least the one who vetted me was a bit cheeky on it…but in a nice way. She didn’t seem to mean it when she said to have a nice trip.

FBI…Feckin Bloody Ignorant, Anyway the Americans did more of that whole belt and shoes thing before I got on the plane which seemed a bit over the top. A bit like Ellis Island had been moved to Ireland.

It is of course …handy. When I reached Atlanta….3929 miles later…..I just walked off the plane and into the airport. No Customs. No Homeland Security. Am I being over-sensitive here? It just didn’t feel right.

One handy thing was a special monitor showing all FORTY THREE onward destinations for the Dublin passengers. Arrived in Atlanta about 1pm. Massive airport and Delta dominate it…it’s their home base. Lots of Internet connexion points too….if you had a plug and cable. No good to me. And surprisingly no Internet cafes.

Anyway in anticipation of more security, I took off my belt and guess what…NO SECURITY before boarding the onward flight. Just walk on…

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3 Responses to Oh My God! They Moved Ellis Island

  1. bangordub says:

    That’s the first hurdle passed, they actually let you in 😉 lol
    Good luck for the trip and be sure to keep us in the picture

  2. factual says:

    Hi FJH

    Glad to see you are safely laneded.

    I always enjoy my trips to America – I hope you enjoy yours.

    Hope the tuition goes well. Hopefully there will be some bright students with questions. Do make sure to encourage questions, it makes the tuition that bit better and that bit more fun!

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