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“Anti-Royal Visit” Protest in Belfasto

I am on my way home from a Éirigí organised protest at the visit of Charles Windsor to Ireland. Of course Éirigí and I are hardly soul mates but I think it was important for a republican-nationalist socialist like myself … Continue reading

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New Years Honours?

Once again, I can assure you all that I will not be getting a OBE or MBE from Mrs Windsor this year. In fact Mrs Fitzjames Horse is a shoe-in to be offered one at some stage. She has been … Continue reading

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Historic Handshake…Get A Grip!

“The best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry”. As Robert Burns said……And the best laid plans of press officers, conflict resolutionists, special advisors and their allies in the Media and Blogosphere. As it turned out the enduring … Continue reading

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Star Trek…….And The Queen

I watched one of my favourite Star Trek (The Next Generation) episodes today. Yes I am a big fan of Captain Picard and his crew. Some of the political correctness is a bit heavy-handed. But occasionally there is an episode that makes … Continue reading

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