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Alex For Europe?

It is surely getting to the stage where SDLP should be choosing the candidate for the European Elections in 2014. Will the Party Conference in November be the event at which the candidate is announced? Or will the candidate be … Continue reading

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Durkan Tops SDLP Youth Poll

This is interesting. My friends in SDLP Youth have had a poll on who the Party should select as the candidate in the European Elections next year and have come up with Mark Durkan, former Party Leader and currently the … Continue reading

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SDLP Euro Candidate?

Early next year, SDLP will be selecting their candidate to run in the 2014 European Elections. I would have thought that Conall McDevitt would have been the front runner. I now think that Patsy McGlone is most likely candidate. Patsy … Continue reading

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TUV & UKIP: Nutters In Cookstown.

I see that UKIP members are addressing the TUV (Traditional Unionist Voice) at Cookstown. I wonder if Jim Allister the Party Leader will announce a joint candidate for the 2014 European Elections. A use for David McNarry.

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