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And Then There Were…Fourteen…..Er Thirteen

Ooops…he did it again. Mike Nesbitt that is. Does he seriously think that he is doing a good job in leading the UUP? Does any member of the UUP think that? He is a disaster…..but lets be frank. One of … Continue reading

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TUV & UKIP: Nutters In Cookstown.

I see that UKIP members are addressing the TUV (Traditional Unionist Voice) at Cookstown. I wonder if Jim Allister the Party Leader will announce a joint candidate for the 2014 European Elections. A use for David McNarry.

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David McNarry MLA (UKIP)

Todays news that David McNarry MLA for Strangford, thrown out of the UUP some months ago has joined UKIP (the British-based United Kingdom Independence Party) comes as a surprise…and yet it shouldnt. McNarry now well into his 60s is a … Continue reading

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