Durkan Tops SDLP Youth Poll

This is interesting. My friends in SDLP Youth have had a poll on who the Party should select as the candidate in the European Elections next year and have come up with Mark Durkan, former Party Leader and currently the MP for Foyle (Derry).

Interesting on many levels. Clearly the candidate will be one of the sixteen MPs or MLAs sitting at Westminster and/or Stormont.

The serious candidates might be Conall McDevitt and Colum Eastwood, held to be the three front runners. They finished jointly third in the Youth Poll.

It is of course an uphill task for SDLP to take back one of the three seats in Europe. So who exactly is the biggest hitter …vote wise in the SDLP? The priority for SDLP after all is to maximise the vote. So I think SDLP Youth have actually made the right decision here. Mark has a profile across Six Counties.

Conalls’s  strength is Belfast and suburbs while Colum could get more votes west of the Bann. The problem might well be persuading Mark to stand. He may or may not win but I think he would get the votes out. So if he doesnt win there is nothing really lost.

Pessimists might say that if he wins a seat in Europe, it would trigger a bye-election for Westminster. But surely, the SDLP would have nothing to fear from that. Colum Eastwood would take that seat. And that would open the way for Brenda Stevenson at the Assembly. Brenda is the neice of John Hume.

Of course the poll is not binding. But it sets out the SDLP Youth Group stance…….and they are a pretty important group these days. More importantly perhaps, its a sign that the SDLP should maybe get a candidate in place very soon.

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9 Responses to Durkan Tops SDLP Youth Poll

  1. factual says:

    What about Patsy McGlone? He could raise their vote numbers.

    Running Eastwood would make sense in terms of raising his profile.

    • I merely report what I know.
      Eastwood doesnt need profile raised. What would be the point of that?
      Hes already a MLA and generates enough support to be Marks long term successor.

      • factual says:

        I can see the advantages – Mark Durkan would appeal to a lot of voters. How do you think he would fare in a head-to-head with Martina Anderson?

      • Well hes gone head to head with her in Derry and SDLP dont rate her.
        Obviously SF have an advantage in terms of votes.
        Put simply Mark Durkan would get more votes than any other SDLP candidate.
        And put simply about ten or twelve SF people would out-score Martina Anderson.

  2. bangordub says:

    I’d be very surprised if certain SDLP personalities are not a little put out by this blog. Without mentioning names, this could be interesting

  3. Fear Feirsteach says:

    Who came second in poll, FJH? And why should John Humes’ niece get promoted?

    • Joe Byrne.
      The BEST PERSON should get promoted.
      Brenda…and I must add that I like her and she has been very supportive of me…is very well respected by the Derry SDLP crowd.
      Im not for one minute suggesting that she should be promoted BECAUSE she is John Humes neice.
      What I do know is that she carries the same values.

  4. factual says:

    Mark Durkan has not tweeted since 2012!

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