So Farewell Patricia O’Lynn MLA (Alliance Party)

Sadly Dr Patricia O’Lynn is the first member of the Stormont Assembly elected in twelve months ago to resign. I wish her well.

Dr O;Lynn has served the people of North Antrim for ten months. She is taking up an academic post at Queens University. Presumably she applied for the QUB post weeks or before she knew she was to be appointed.

Some thought Dr O’Lynn was a surprise success last year. Maybe she surprised herself by winning.

Interesting that I have seen this story spun as a “young, gifted, woman” leaving Politics because of frustration at Stormont being closed.

That may be the case. Some would see it as “something better coming along”

Of course this means that Alliance can nominate a successor to be co-opted. It will be Sian Mulholland. On other websites and message boards like Slugger O’Toole, much is made about the abuse of the “co-option” system. I have always maintained that while sometimes…indeed often abused, it is a genuine protection to minority parties in some constituencies. If a by-election was held in North Antrim, DUP would likely win.

There are of course legitimate reasons for co-option…the death or illness of an elected person. Disenchantment with the political stagnation and getting a better job…nobody will be criticised by me.

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7 Responses to So Farewell Patricia O’Lynn MLA (Alliance Party)

  1. David says:

    I think O’Lynn was previously an Alliance councillor for Ballymena DEA. Will be watching to see if they hold this. They are campaigning hard. I get the impression SDLP are safe in Ballymena with there existing councillor there – E. Reid.

  2. David says:

    Have you seen this?

    The ego has landed! I’ve never seen such self-praise. To me, this sort of web page does not impress at all. It’s a bit much.

    She is a “keynote speaker” apparently.

    • Dear GOD.
      I bet she gets interviewed by Pamela Ballentine.
      Maybe get her own TV Show.
      But we should be afraid, very afraid.
      She could kill us with kindness and bury us with a smile (to quote her)

  3. David says:

    If only it was “farewell to Dr OLynn”. She has now popped up as a commentator on The View.

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