Alliance Party: The Non-Candidates

Spare a thought today for two Alliance Party members who will not be on a ballot paper next week.

Mimi Unamoyo was nominated for the Balmoral DEA. She is a refugee from Democratic Republic of Congo. I wish her well.

Due to a “paperwork issue” Ms Unamoyo cannot proceed and has been replaced at the last minute by another party member.

Alliance Party has stated this demonstrates the “barriers put in the way” of asylum seekers and refugees. Absolutely correct. But does it not illustrate a degree of incompetence at Alliance Party HQ that they did not notice a potential candidate was not eleigible to stand.

Turning to Kate Livingstone, nominated for Holywood-Clandeboye DEA. She is “in the process of moving to London”. I wish her well. She has left her job, working for an Alliance MLA and been replaced on the ballot paper.

Questions should be asked. They were asked by Belfast Live. Alliance Party say this is “harassment”

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6 Responses to Alliance Party: The Non-Candidates

  1. David says:

    We have a mutual interest in Alliance doing badly but from other sides.

    Holywood-Clandeboye: I will be watching this one. Hoping Alliance cannot win there.

    UUP wanted to run two candidates here, adding Linzi McLaren (a new recruit). UUP needs more females but admittedly two is probably 1 too many. The incumbent UUP man, Carl McClean, moved to DUP, seeming unhappy about having to share with McLaren . His wife tweets a lot and I get the impression she would be happy with his move:

    • I was in Holywood last week. I thought it very respectfully and evenly postered. In comparison not too many posters in Bangor. Have you observed the “analysis” and “best bets” (sic) on Slugger?

      • David says:

        I have been reading the profiles. The charts and numbers on each DEA are very interesting but as for the predictions and “best bets” they are extremely hard on the SDLP. I can’t read the mood among SDLP voters but I don’t see why they’d do any where near as badly as he says.

      • If you are old enough to remember ITV Horse Racing in the 1960s and 1970s, there was a presenter who literally raised his hat and said “good afternoon everyone”. He stood at the paddock and his job was to predict the winner.
        John Rickman was his name and he reported under the name “Robin Goodfellow” in the Daily Mail.
        My Uncle Charlie used to say “that man couldnt tip his hat”. And sometimes he would say “he couldnt pick his nose”.
        Mr Rickman was a notoriously bad tipster.

  2. David says:

    I find it hard to read the mood for this election.

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